Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I do like Christmas. I do. I do. I do like Christmas.

What I don't like, however, is the commercialism. The gimme gimme gimme of Christmas. The idea that some folks have that the more they spend the better the holidays will be; and they might...until those credit card bills drift in around February. Then Christmas won't seem so Holly Jolly, will it? What I also don't like about Christmas is the What are you getting for Christmas question, followed closely by the What are you getting Carlos question.

See, Carlos and I don't really want for anything. That doesn't mean we have everything, but we don't want a lot of things. Those things that we do want, we make a plan to get them, but we don't go into debt doing so. I mean, seriously, how can you enjoy that new 97-inch TV and gaming system if you know that by the time you pay it off with your No-Interest-Til-2011 credit card, it will be obsolete and you'll need a new one. Or, at least, want a new one?

I don't need anything for Christmas, so, when someone asks what I want, I say World Peace, Health Care Reform, and Equal Rights for ALL! I don't say Wii....or iPod....or MP3....or Kindle.

I like giving, though. I like finding something that Carlos may have mentioned in passing that he'd like, knowing he's forgotten it, and then there it is under the tree. I like the surprise of the gift, really, not the gift itself. The thought that goes into the choosing of the gift is lovely, too.

I don't like the pushing and shoving and the spending of Christmas. For people who don't understand, the amount of the gift is not in direct correlation with the love the giver feels toward you. If it's cold where you live, wouldn't socks be a great gift? Or some really warm slippers?

So, after saying all this, I am off to do a little Christmas shopping today. I'll look at books and music, maybe some clothes, a little something for the house or yard or kitchen, but what I'm really hoping for is finding the store that carries world peace, health care reform, and equal rights for all.
PS That's our cat Spunky dressed up for a Christmas card one year. She's no longer with us, but that face......that face.


Michael Rivers said...

I have to start my Christmas shopping too. I am behind this year! If you find that store you are looking for, let me know!

mistress maddie said...

We here are like you and Carlos. We don't do gifts well not many, in my family. We like to just spend time together. A great post again and it make sense. World peace. Health care reform. Would be nice.

froggy said...

The Engineer and I haven't done gifts in forever. The only gift I ever want is Eldest home so we'll fly him home on the 24th and back on the 25th (he works as a bartender right now). That and flu and swine flu shots for everyone (check!).
The kids will tell you Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday as we have a whole bunch of family here. People not things.

Howard said...

I have to continually remind myself that Christmas is really for the young. I like giving gifts, but it's the shopping that kills me.

As for what I need, I, too, want for nothing. Rather than some gift, how about getting me tickets to a concert, or just say you'll go to one with me? Way more fun!

Kyle said...

No gifts here Bob. Finding each other was enough.

I'd still like world peace please! :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We get more and more minimal each year :o)

Mark in DE said...

I share your sentiment about the cost of the gift NOT being an indicator of its value to the recipient. I like finding small and/or inexpensive things that I've heard loved ones mention, or that remind me of that person. We do not use credit cards except for emergencies, so that really helps us keep our holiday spending in check. Christmas should be an attitude, not a gift.

Happy world peace, health care reform, and equal rights for all!!