Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot, Gay Friendly, and Just Plain Nice...What's Not To Love? Did I Mention The Hot Part?

This story comes to us from Round The Way Gay, Gladys Kravitz Sr, and ISBL Correspondent, Neal!

I make no secret and no apologies of my love-lust-love for Colin Farrell, and now comes the story of his continuous Christmas Day generosity to sick children in Dublin.

It seems as though Hottie O'Hotness--that's Irish for Colin Farrell--paid a secret visit to Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin, Ireland, on Christmas Day in order to surprise some of the youngest patients there with gifts. Farrell played and chatted with the kids for several hours on Christmas Day, and this apparently wasn't his first holiday visit to the hospital. He has carried out similarly unheralded visits to Crumlin for the past few years.

"He keeps a low profile when he comes in. He doesn't want photographers or anything," a well-placed source told the Herald about the actor's visits. "He comes in every Christmas Day and spends a lot of time with the children. He has bought Nintendo DS and Wiis for them and plays with them for a couple of hours. He's really popular with the staff and really genuine, and the kids really love and appreciate his visit."

Back in Aught-Three, Colin--and I'll call him by his first name because he's hot like that--helped support the Special Olympics which was hosted that year in Ireland. Since then, he has been a tireless campaigner for the cause, regularly giving up any free time he has to help the organisation with their activities and further raise their profile.

See? Hot and nice....and with an accent to boot. There's something about a dark-eyed man with an accent that gets me going. Lucky for me I have one of those at home!


Howard said...

God, he is gorgeous. And after seeing the 'home video' I was impressed. Sorry, gotta go wipe up the drool...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow, that is cool when they do things because it is right and touches them deeply, and without the publicity.

Mark in DE said...

Its nice to learn of celebrities who use their powers for good instead of evil. ;-)

Michael Rivers said...

He is such a great guy! Sexy, talented and a does good deeds!