Friday, December 18, 2009

The Druggie Takes Wife Number Four

Every so often a story comes along that is just too much fun. Such is the case with today's tale of traditional marriage and the sanctity of marriage, and the idea that marriage belongs to one man and one woman only.

The rumor is that Rush Limbaugh is engaged to be married.

For the fourth time.

The fat-assed bastard with a history of prescription drug abuse, who rails against gays and marriage equality every chance he gets, is getting hitched himself to eposa numero cuatro. Now, I wish him well, I do. I mean, he's fucked up three other marriages, so he should have all the kinks worked out this time, right? He should know which pitfalls, er, drugs, to avoid, so that this wife doesn't ditch him.

But I guess my question is this: if marriage is such a sacred institution, and it's been a one-man-one-woman tradition since time began, how is that one of the leading opponents of marriage equality has the right to marry four times?

I would ask that those hypocrites who battle gay marriage, and I'm talking to you Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher, to stand up and fight against Rush's right to make a mockery of marriage. I ask that those ministers who rail against marriage equality, boycott his ceremony and condemn him from the pulpit for treating marriage as something you discard as easily as an empty bottle of Oxycontin. I hope that any justice of the peace who finds a drug-addled Rush Limbaugh on his door step in the middle of the night, asking to be married to the "wife of the moment", slam the door in his face.

If marriage equality will ruin traditional marriage how dare all the haters and bigots and homophobes stand by and do nothing while this bolstered ties the knot.



Stephen said...

Like his buddy- Newt...
I am glad that they are saving traditional marriage, huh?
I don't get why the conservatives don't want to out law d-i-v-o-r-c-e

JON said...

I assume it is Catherine that the rumor is about.

I listen to Rush for about on hour or so out of the three.

Note: He has lost a lot of weight in the last five months, so the fat ass bastard label is passee...

I am very gay and in the past decade or more I have never heard Rush rail against gays. He has views about gay marriage but he has not ever offended me with those either.

Maybe we are not hearing the same Rush.


Bob said...

Well, fat-assed bastard was more a smear of his fat-assed bastard worldview which does not include anyone who doesn't look like Rush, act like Rush, or sound like Rush.
If his views that you aren't entitled to marriage don't offend you, well, to each his own. They offend me no end because they create a separate class system for the LGBT community which I, as a gay man, find reprehensible.
In this country all men are supposedly created equal, but not in the eyes of drug-addicted-fat-assed-bastards like Rush.
And that's MY opinion.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The double standard is almost amazing, but then, that is Rush.

Kyle said...

I'm so glad they keep "making" us, to fuck things up, because obviously they can't do it on their own. Right. Great post Bob!

Wonder Man said...

this is foolishness, they continue to make a mockery of marriage

Joanne said...

As always Bob very well said. I have many blog friends that are openly "right", I adore them but keep my mouth shut through many of their posts. I love coming here seeing your intelligence of what its really like when you are correct but not "right". Does that make sense??