Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Is It With Air Travel?

First, some guy tries to blow up a plane, and then Ivana goes nutty in Palm Beach!

"Police say Ivana Trump has been escorted off a plane in Florida after she became belligerent when children were running and screaming in the aisles. Authorities say the first ex-wife of billionaire Donald Trump cussed at the children Saturday, and when flight attendants on the New York-bound plane tried to calm her, she became even more aggravated...She has not been charged in the incident at Palm Beach International Airport. Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies asked Trump to voluntarily exit the plane, but they said she refused. She was then escorted off."


Sean said...

What the hell were kids doing out of their seats? After what had just happened, it seems like the flight crew were a little lax.

Jim said...

If there were kids running up and down the aisles and screaming too I would have to be escorted off the plane for smacking the brats up the side of their pointed little heads and then cussing at their parents!

froggy said...

I told The Engineer that his next flight will involve standing in line sans pants. We better make sure he has presentable underwear.
I have no suggestions lest he run into Ivana Trump. I guess if he is standing there with no pants he might get lucky?

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like there's probably more to the story that we just haven't learned yet.