Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Step

Yes, we all watched and listened as the Senate talked health care reform last week, but they also did something else; apparently they can multi-task. Who knew?

The Senate confirmed Minneapolis assistant police chief Sharon Lubinski as the country’s first openly gay U.S. marshal. Lubinski, who will be marshal for the Minnesota district, is also the first female marshal in the state. Lubinski was actually confirmed last week, and told of her confirmation that day, but the public announcement wasn't made until Monday.

"It was a nice Christmas present," Lubinski said, "It's very exciting. I think it's an exciting time to be serving in the federal system."

Lubinski has been in law enforcement for 31 years, and was big news when, in a 1993 interview, she said she was a lesbian. "Being gay is part of who I am, but I think the even bigger piece here is that it's essential that law enforcement agencies reflect the communities that they serve, whether it's the state, local, or federal level."

Congratulations Ms. Lubinski.

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Mark in DE said...

Yes, another small step.