Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tell Me Why, If You Can

Earlier this month, a conservative gay rights group--how's that for an oxymoron--GOProud announced that it would be a co-sponsor of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Yes, gay mens and womens, who call themselves Republican, were going to co-host a big to-do for a conservative political group. Does it get any nuttier?

Of course it does. It always does when republicans are involved. See, the inclusion of GOProud has led to a backlash from the anti-gay right; I prefer to dub them the anti-gay wrong, but that's just me. Still, that group of asshats is threatening to boycott CPAC if the GOProud sponsorship isn’t removed.

Coll-headed CPAC director, Lisa De Pasquale, is “satisfied” that GOProud “do not represent a ‘radical leftist agenda’ and thus “should not be rejected as a CPAC cosponsor.” But David Keene, the head of CPAC’s main organizing group, attempted to appease his flock of bigots and haters who mask their bigotry and hatred with teabags and religion, by announcing that that GOProud would not have a speaking spot and that gay rights issues would not be “open to debate.”

So, we, and I mean we as gay folks, not we as Republicans, can sponsor your hatefest, but we cannot speak, because gay rights issues are not debatable.

Which begs the question: if you are a gay man or woman, why the fuck are you affiliated with a party that finds LGBT issues to be non-debatable? Do you need more proof that the Republican party neither wants you, nor wants to represent you? If you're gay, and a Republican, goddess help you, tell me why.



Miss Ginger Grant said...

I guess that means the GOProud people don't follow (cue the tympani)"The Homosexual Agenda"?!!!

Good- that means there will be more room on the dancefloor for the rest of us- when we follow the agenda and show up 30 sylish minutes late!

Larry Ohio said...

If I were inclined to be a conservative, the last thing I would want would be to associate myself with the Republican party. These gay conservatives should just be conservative independents.

On the other hand, I am liberal and absolutely refuse to associate myself with the Democrats. I am a liberal independent.

I would be happy if both the Republicans and the Democrats implode and new parties formed. Hopefully more than two major ones will emerge and we can be more like the European nations that have multiple parties in power and govern by forming coalitions. This would be much better than our 2-party system.

Stan in NH said...

It always does amaze me when I hear that there are gay repubs. But then again, I guess if greed trumps sexual identity, it does make sense. It's fine to just be a quiet, colorless gay man, and protect your financial gains, as long as you don't get yourself noticed.

Don't worry, Ginger, there will be plenty of room on the dance floor. Remember, gay repubs prefer bathroom stalls at airports! It's less conspicuous. :)

Mark in DE said...

One hyphenated word describes gay Republicans: self-loathing.

ThatGayConservative said...

First of all, CPAC invited GOProud and they had no intention to speak at the convention. Not all co-sponsors do so.

Secondly, we're not "self-loathing", inconspicuous, greedy or any other stereotypes that leftist bigots attach to us. I, for one, am perfectly happy with myself and, more importantly, my partner of 12+ years is happy with me. Further, I used to be a bar fly at the gay bars in Houston. I'd attend 3-4 nights a week. I also enjoy drag shows. I've been to shows from Tampa to Laredo. They all had varying degrees as to how good they were, but they were all fun.

Many of us regularly attend conservative or Republican meetings or events. Interestingly, the only hatred we experience is when we identify as conservative to gay liberals. I'll also point out that Dan over at GayPatriot blog attended the Republican National Convention last year as a blogger. He wore a name tag which also bore the name of the blog every day. He never had a problem.

The question that begs to be asked is why do gays support the democrats? Sure they pat you on the head and tell you how much they love you when they need your money and your votes, but then you get repaid with DOMA and DADT. When gays raise hell about it, they get alleged "hate crimes" law to shut them up.

Bush was pilloried as homophobic for opposing gay marriage, yet supporting civil unions. Obama, Clinton, Kerry etc. hold the same position, but they're not considered homophobes. Why is that? Especially when Obama surrounds himself with racist, sexist, bigot homophobes, gays hardly bat a false eyelash.

As far as being "greedy", I'll point you to the news articles from last year describing the paltry amounts the Clintons and Obamas made. I'll also point you to Arthur C Brooks' book Who Really Cares which details his discovery that the right is far more charitable than the left.

As far as why I'm a Conservative, it comes from the way I was brought up. I believe in personal responsibility and accountability. I believe that people should keep more of the money that they earn and not fork it over to Uncle Sugar to be "fairly" redistributed. If that's "greedy", so be it. Fair redistribution has always brought nothing but misery and inequality. I also believe in freedom and the greatness and exceptionalism of the United States and the American people.

That's about it, I guess.