Friday, December 11, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce: Pastor Bigot-tard Asshat

Boy, things are getting ugly in Houston just because a few gay folks are running for public office. Oh, yeah, i keep forgetting, our goal is to destroy marriage and the world.....yeah......uh all the hubbub makes sense then.

But still, a pastor down there, by the name of Rick Scarborough is circulating an email directing his minions to Fight The Gay in Houston. He even goes so far as to list what he calls that ever-elusive Homosexual Agenda. Let's look at it, shall we:

The Homosexual Agenda

  1. Legalize same sex marriage
  2. Mandate public acceptance of the homosexual activities.
  3. Teach homosexuality to school children, starting in kindergarten, as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle. This is known as multisexualism. This enables homosexuals to recruit children to their lifestyle.
  4. Lower or remove age of consent laws leading to relaxation of laws prohibiting pedophilia.
  5. Elevate homosexuals to a minority class, leading to affirmative action for homosexuals in the workplace. Cross dressers could force employers to accept their actions at work.
  6. Prohibit any speech which opposes homosexual activity. This would be considered “hate speech” and have criminal sanctions. This would destroy 1st Amendment free speech rights for those who oppose homosexual conduct and the homosexual political movement.
  7. Require employee benefits to be provided to same sex partners.
  8. Elect candidates to office who will work to implement the homosexual agenda.


Let me rip apart bit by bit.

  1. Yes, legalize same-sex marriage, you asshat. It's about equality, not religion; it's about civil rights, not morality. Get over yourself and keep your god out of the law.
  2. Let me be clear: We.Do.Not.Need.Your.Acceptance. Got it? You don't like gay folks, who gives a flying fu......who cares? I don't accept a lot of arrogant self-involved, rightwingnut religious zealot asshats who try and shove their sense of morality down my throat while you're off schtupping anyone and everyone who'll allow it. But, if that's how you wanna live your life, g'head.
  3. You cannot teach homosexuality. You can, however, teach acceptance and tolerance for people who are different than you. And while we're on the subject of recruiting, I wasn't recruited, I was born gay, and I have yet to meet one single person who was recruited. You can't make people gay, fool. Oh yeah, you can make gay people straight, either.
  4. Gay people are not pedophiles. in fact, you dickhead, check your facts. The majority of pedophiles are straight men, so take a good long look at you and your brethren before you go about casting stones.
  5. Homosexuals are a minority which is how, and why, the majority is able to vote equality down. And really, is it so bad that an employee is a cross-dresser? I'd wager that cross-dressers work harder than a boatload of religious fanatics who spend their days trying to warp the word of god into hate speech.
  6. And speaking of hate speech, here goes: you can shout from the rooftops that homosexuality is wrong. You can call me a pedophile. You can say I'm going to Hell. What you cannot do is speak about violence toward the LGBT community or anyone else for that matter. You can oppose me and every thing I stand for, but you cannot use your speech to incite violence against me. Nor I, you. See how that works both ways you neanderthal mother-effer?
  7. Damn right employee benefits should be extended to partners in same-sex....or even opposite-sex....relationships. Of course, once marriage equality is the law of the land, we'll be guaranteed those rights any way, but let's keep it on the books for those folks, gay and straight, who opt not to marry? M'kay?
  8. I don't give a hoot about a political candidates sexual orientation you backwoods assmonkey. I want my politicians to hold up the law of the land and leave religion and their own personal moral, or immoral, or amoral, codes out of it. See, I want everyone to be equal, you want to keep people down.

And that ain't gonna work.

PS: This is his asshatted it to enBIGOTorate.


Michael Rivers said...

Well said! That people believe and spread his thoughts is so scary!

Joy said...

Good post. That email will get some backlash votes who want progressive candidates in office. Mostly it's harmful, though. They have lost this battle for marriage civil rights. It's just a matter of time.

Kyle said...

Bob I love the point by point treatment you gave his nonsense. His arguments are empty and will only work on the weak minded. Unfortunately, we seem to have a lot of them walking around. Maybe we should employ the use of Jedi mind tricks? ;)