Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Odds and Ends and Loose Stuff

Tyra Banks has announced, a la Oprah, that she will be quitting her talk show at the end of the year. That sound you hear is the entire world saying, "So?"
Tyra, honey, just because you're a rich black woman with a big head--in your case literally and figuratively--doesn't make you Oprah.

Kate Gosselin has, okay, allegedly, been fired from her new TV show before it even aired a single episode. The media whore, I mean, reality show mom was reportedly canned for being “too controversial” for a new pilot called Momlogic--think The View for mothers, or mothers who don't already watch The View. She was to join Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff and Rene Syler, and, again, allegedly, Kate wasn't down with Paula Deen being the main host. She supposedly bitched kvetched and moaned and then was asked to leave.
I've been asking her to leave for like a year now.

Charlie Sheen beat his wife in a drunken rage. Didn't see that one coming from the multi-married, serial-adulterer, drug abusing, alcoholic. He has a show called Two-And-A-Half Men. Guess we all know who the "half a man" is. He's off to rehab, apparently, not to salvage his marriage, or his substance and violence issues, but to keep his show on TV.
He knows what's important.

Say what you will about Colin Farrell--and I'll start by saying he gets my motor running--but he stands up for marriage equality in a big way. Colin, and his five-year-old son James, helped to celebrate Colin's brother Eamon Farrell's marriage to Stephen Manion; he was Eamon's best man when Eamon and Stephen married in Canada last summer.
I like him more, now, but in a different way, though there still is a certain tingle, you know, down there..

They say Jessica Simpson is the dumb one, but Ashlee is giving her sister a run for the money. She is currently in New York preparing to take one of the leads in Chicago [sidenote:when you get down to asking Ashlee Simpson to appear in your show, it's time to close] and appeared on The Today Show recently and Could.Not.Remember.Her.Costar's.Name.
Classless. Talentless. And just plain stupid.

There's a new movie coming out on Valentines Day called, and they spent big money on this I'm sure, Valentine's Day. It is apparently a romantic comedy starring a whole bunch of romantic comedy stars like Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts and Eric Dane [sidenote: yum] and Bradley Cooper [sidenote: yummer]. It tells the tales of romance and love, and, be still my heart, Eric and Bradley play lovers in the film ::::swoon::::. But, yes, I know, in the trailer for the film there is not one single scene with Cooper and Dane together. in fact, the only person we see Bradley Cooper with is Julia Roberts, implying they are a couple. Why is a gay love story so taboo? Do they think it'll turn off veiwers? It might, but it might also turn on other viewers.


Michael Rivers said...

Banks: I was really surprised by this. I didn't watch her show but it is very successful. I'm surprised she's leaving. I think there is more to the story.

Gosselin: Please, someone tell this wacko that she is not a celebrity. WHEN will people get tired of her!?!

Simpson: Trash.

Farrell: I love him even more!

Dan said...

Later Tyra- never watched, will not miss you.

I think Kate is the one that broke into Johns house, hence the knife driven into the wall.

Charlie wont be missed because even though he held a knife to his wifes throat, Hanes is still running the commercials.

Collin- have you seen the xxx tape? Swoon indeed!

Gay love stories are so scarey my friend because our love is real. We dont take it for granted, we appreciate it more than most straight folk, whom are not in touch with thmesleves enough to understand how pwerful true love can be.

Mark in DE said...

OMG OMG OMG - Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper play a gay couple??? Oh, I am SOOOO there on opening day.