Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry, Merry, Merry....There's Something About Merry

Merry [yes, that's her name, which explains everything] Hyatt is pissed at the California school system because, she says, she is tired of working in schools where students aren't allowed to sing Christmas songs that are religious in nature.

So, what's a Merry to do? Sponsor a ballot initiative that would require all public schools in California to give children the opportunity to sing or listen to Christmas carols.

"For years and years, maybe one person has been able to ruin it for an entire school," Hyatt said. "It's not right. I think it's the majority's turn."

But see, what Merry doesn't understand because she's blinded by her zeal to make everyone do what she wants, is that there is no law in California that prohibits caroling in public schools. So, her ballot initiative is a moot point, but, well, maybe it's just me, but Merry wants her fifteen minutes of fame.

Michael Hersher, deputy general counsel for the California Department of Education, says that, in fact, many school choirs perform religiously oriented music, including Christmas carols, during holiday concerts, and other schools find it simpler to maintain the separation of church and state by excluding all religious material.

This saga began when Merry was a substitute teacher in Riverside, California, and she was told not to bring carols--or any discussion of Jesus--into the classroom. Um, Merry, honey, clean the tinsel out of your ears, and listen up: Public. School. Separation. Church. State. Public school teachers, especially in the K-12th grades, do not teach religion. M'kay?

But Merry, who taught at a Christian school for 18-months, wants us all to remember it's "his" birthday. Well, Merry, again, tinsel out, Jesus wasn't born on December 25th; he, allegedly was born sometime in the summer, I think, so, Christmas isn't "his" birthday. It's a made-up holiday, and, unless you wish to teach all about the birth of Jesus, then zip it.

A tad bit of the racist pops out in Merry, when she suggest that there are no Jewish children in California. For, in all her years of teaching, she says, "I haven't run into a Jewish child." Hmmm, so Jewish children don't exist, and, well, even if they did, damn them and their religious views, or anybody else for that mater that doesn't share the same warped world view as Merry Hyatt.

The good news is that Merry needs 433,971 signatures to put her One Religion initiative on the ballot, and so far she's collected 350.

Do the math if you can,, Merry. Do.The.Math.


froggy said...

I know two, albeit hybrid, Jewish/Unitarian, really cute (but don't tell them that - at that age when cute is not tolerated even from aunts).

Michael Rivers said...

Wow! She's never met a Jewish child in all her years teaching? Seriously?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

No wonder they have problems out there :o)

Anonymous said...

I can't help wondering who else doen't exist in her cheerfully blinkered little world. Perhaps she should go back to teaching in a Christian school, she's clearly not mentally equipped for the realities of the big wide world