Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Careful Hiram...It's Not Just The Gays Gunning For You

We've all read about New York Senator Hiram Monserrate who said he was voting for marriage equality in New York state almost right up until he voted against it. And we've read how the LGBT community is picketing him at every turn, vowing to remove his sorry hypocritical ass from government. Then there is the story of his slashing his girlfriend's face with a broken bottle during a domestic dispute.

Yup, he's a keeper.

Well, now it appears it isn't just the LGBT community who want him gone, it might well be the New York Senate who seek to oust him from their midst. According to a State Senate committee investigating Monserrate, he "behaved recklessly and callously after his companion was hurt during an argument at his Queens home, failing to call 911, dragging her violently through a hallway and taking her to a hospital miles away."

The committee’s final report concludes that Mr. Monserrate was more concerned with keeping the confrontation last December from becoming public as he was with the safety and health of his companion, Karla Giraldo, and that Monserrate has steadfastly refused to take full responsibility for injuring Ms. Giraldo.

Still, it remains unclear as to what the Senate may do to Monserrate, though the findings by the committee suggest there is some basis for a stiff punishment for Monserrate, possibly even his expulsion.

Monserrate was acquitted in October of felony charges of deliberately slashing Ms. Giraldo’s face with a broken glass, but he was convicted of misdemeanor assault for pulling her through the lobby of his apartment building, an episode captured on security video. He was sentenced to three years of probation, 250 hours of community service and a 52-week counseling program. Many Senators have called on him to resign, but Monserrate continues to say he will not do that.

Still, it looks like he may not have a choice.


Berry Blog said...

I'm grateful we in Maine are represented by two very dignified, self respecting ladies who refuse to consistently vote party line and are never accused of voting to please wealthy constituents. Where do NY and NJ find these bozos?

Anonymous said...

A politician resigning as a matter of honour? Hell freezing over would seem a lot more probable. Here's hoping they just go straight for the expulsion nobody needs an arse like that representing them


Wonder Man said...

I can't stand him, he is a pure mess