Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vote Delayed

The New Jersey state Senate’s vote on gay marriage is now apparently on hold. LGBT activists and supporters of the legislation say it will have a better chance at passage it it first moves to the Assembly for more debate.

More. Debate. I'm confused as to what's left to debate? The LGBT is asking for equal rights and protections under the law; it's simple equality, and yet, once again, we'll be the subject of debate.

The announcement came from the bill’s prime sponsors, Senators Ray Lesniak and Loretta Weinberg. People on both sides of the issue are flooding their senator's offices with calls and emails; some senators even have people picketing their homes.

Seriously, people, it's a civil rights issue. It's equality. Put down the signs and stop the calls and let these men and women get back to work; working toward making the United States a truly equal country.

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