Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now These Are Gay Icons

The other day I saw Levi Johnston's picture all over the web. [sidenote; the boy does nothing for me] And he was all over TV. I like that he dishes about The Quitter, but I do know that, well, like The Quitter, he is a media whore stroking out fifteen minutes of fame. Otherwise, how do we explain his "dates" with Kathy Griffin or his showing up "out of the blue" with Jon Gosselin on Entertainment Tonight, or his foray into nude pictorials? The boy is looking to scrape together as much loot as he can from his link to The Quitter.

Well, Good for him, I say. But, soon, it'll be Go away, I say.

See, folks are calling him a gay icon because he dropped trou, but kept Little Levi hidden. I have better icons in mind than a high school dropout, known mostly for knocking up a politicians underage daughter. That does not a gay icon make.

So, then, there I was, in the blogosphere, where I came upon a list of Gay Icons. So, lest we forget, these folks are icons:

Top ten male gay icons:
1. Elton John
2. Freddie Mercury
3. Stephen Fry
4. George Michael
5. Oscar Wilde
6. Will Young
7. Alan Carr
8. Paul O'Grady
9. Boy George
10. David Beckham

Top ten female gay icons:
1. Judy Garland
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Madonna
4. Cher
5. Liza Minnelli
6. Marilyn Monroe
7. Shirley Bassey
8. Lily Savage
9. Dusty Springfield
10. Barbra Streisand

No a bad list, i say, though I miss Miss Ross up there, and Allen Carr? Really? But, who are your gay icons? Are they on the list? And what constitutes a gay icon to you? These are some of mine:

Matthew Shepard
Ian McKellen
Judy Garland
The Bettes....Midler and Davis
Rock Hudson
Diana Ross
Ellen DeGeneres
Neil Patrick Harris
Dan Choi
Jared Polis
Tammy Baldwin
Rupert Everett
Elton John
...and every single gay man and woman who lives openly, fearlessly, shamelessly, freely and proudly.
Among others


Michael Rivers said...

Great lists of icons! I totally agree. Levi is far far from an icon. I always raise an eyebrow when I hear that. I love the gossip he gives and I'd toss him around in the bedroom. But that does not make an icon!

Wonder Man said...
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Wonder Man said...

yeah, Levi is a lust icon, but Diana Ross, yes she is a Icon

Anonymous said...

There's nothing iconic about Levi...the jean brand is definitely Iconic America (I guess those commercials work...) but the guy is just some guy and HE's NOT EVEN THAT HOT!!

And that list is awesome, I would add...

Ellen Degeneres and Margaret Cho

and Ian McKellen is just as cool.

John said...

HaHa, whoever said Levi was a gay Icon is full of it! And since you asked...I would add Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Melissa Etheridge, and Wanda Sykes to the female list! I'm sure I could think of others too.

And for the men, a few come to mind like Larry Kramer, Harvey Milk, and well, everyone on your list except Rock Hudson. He denied having AIDS until his dying day. He doesn't fit into your last sentence either for living openly, fearlessly, shamelessly. I think Rock Hudson was a great actor though.

DuPree said...

I totally like your list better, but sans the Rupert. He was great back in the day, but now that he opens his mouth publicly on gay issues, he's a total throwback.

I love John's suggested additions, too.

Stephen said...

I can't really improve on the Female list... maybe for me Cyndi Lauper & Bette Midler & Bette Davis.

For the men:
Tennessee Williams
Truman Capote
Gore Vidal
Noel Coward
Cole Porter
William Haines
Quinton Crisp
T.R. Knight
Neil Patrick Harris
Jerry Herman

You tell I am a different generation than you...

Joy said...

And Auntie Flame in our little blog world! (self-promotion fits in) :-)

Mark in DE said...

Couldn't agree with you more! LJ is NOT - I repeat - NOT a gay icon. Gays have much higher standards.