Thursday, December 17, 2009

The BBC's Of Asshattery

You know, every so often, well, about every eight minutes, I am made aware of the fact that we live in a world filled with asshats and idiots, haters and homophobes. But nothing seems more shocking to me than the idea that a television network, the BBC in England, actually posted an online poll asking their viewers if homosexuals should be killed.

Oh yes they did.

It was sparked by the story out of Uganda, and their proposed legislation that homosexuality is a crime punishable by death, and the British Broadcasting Corporation's "Africa Have Your Say" Web site asked for people's views on whether Uganda has gone too far and whether there should be any laws against gays.

The page was originally entitled "Should homosexuals face execution?" but was later changed to "Should Uganda debate gay execution?" which is oh so much more politically correct. But even with the :::cough cough snort:::: name change several British politicians denounced the taxpayer-funded broadcaster for treating the execution of gays as a legitimate topic for discussion.

What's next, BBC? Murdering Black folks? Killing the Jews--as if that hasn't already been done? Killing anyone who dare be different than some idealized view of what normal might be?

There is nothing wrong with discussing what's happening in Uganda and around the world regarding the LGBT community, but how dare anyone have a legitimate conversation about whether or not it's right to kill anyone.

Civilized world, my ass.


Larry Ohio said...

BBC = tabloid? Is it true? Are they merely trying to increase viewership/readership with outrageous headlines?

I gave up on American new sources years ago because of that. If the BBC becomes as bad, where will I turn?

Eric Arvin said...

I turn to The Daily Show. Everyone else is just...well, satire.

froggy said...

That one shocked me.

Michael Rivers said...

I was really shocked at this too. Does that question really need to be asked?

Kyle said...

Great, human rights and equality, have become a ratings gimmick. Just grand. Bob you are right, civilized world, not that I can see.