Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Voices. Louder Still. But Is The President Listening?

He doesn't talk about it, but other people aren't so silent.

This week, seventy-seven Democratic lawmakers urged President Obama to use his executive powers to order a halt to military discharges under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and work, aggressively, with Congress to pass new legislation to overturn what even they see as a discriminatory policy.
In the letter, organized by Representative Alcee Hastings of Florida, it states:

"We urge you to exercise the maximum discretion legally possible in administering Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell until Congress repeals the law. To this end, we ask that you direct the Armed Services not to initiate any investigation of service personnel to determine their sexual orientation, and that you instruct them to disregard third party accusations that do not allege violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

Aides to President Obama say that the president still plans on acting on his campaign pledge to work for the law's repeal but have outlined a very deliberative process of study and consultation with the top military brass that could take months, if not years.

He still has plans to act on DADT. That isn't what he said before the election, when he said it would be done right away. Now it's months, maybe years away.

But how many more gay and lesbian Americans will be discharged while we wait those months or years? How does this affect the armed forces' ability to recruit and train the best possible people for the job, when they practice a policy of discrimination against certain people?
Obama said No. He could do it. He has the power. but he won't. I think he's too busy planning the Here's A Cosmo Gays, Now Be Quiet cocktail party

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Mark in DE said...

Sigh. "Change we can postpone."