Monday, June 29, 2009

Asshat Sunday

Two of these three asshats were on Meet The Press Face Of The Nation This Week In Washington show yesterday talking about the third asshat.

Lindsay Graham, Asshat Number One up there, who never met an Obama plan that he didn't scream at like a girl, and Mitt Romney, Asshat Number three, who ran for president, spent millions and still lost, were talking about Middle Asshat, Cheater-Adulterer-Liar-Taxpayer Defrauding, Mark Sanford.

Asked if they believed he should resign his position, both Asshat One and Asshat Three, said they were hoping Mark could just reconcile with his wife, the lovely Jenny, because that's what is important.

That's what's important? His adulterous private life?

Not the fact that he left the state without telling anyone. Not that he used taxpayer money to pay for one of his Argentinean booty calls. Not that he lied to, and defrauded, the people of South Carolina.

No, let's pray he and the lovely Jenny don't divorce.

That's what your Repugs are concerned with: the image of fellow Repugs in the way of family values and morals, not how they run their political offices. Not how they lie cheat and steal.

Just fix the marriage.

Sidenote: Mitt Romney, pretty boy asshat,, when asked about the Obama plan to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq, said he couldn't understand Obama's shift in attitude. he said that when Obama was campaigning against Bush in the Presidential election, he never spoke of a June withdrawal date.

Newsflash Mitt: Obama wasn't running against Bush for the presidency. He was running against McCain and you, and a bunch of other self-involved moralistic prigs. Perhaps that's why you lost: you didn't even know who was running.

And this is your Republican Party.

Graham, Sanford and Romney.

Quite the Trifecta!

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