Monday, June 08, 2009

More And More Want It Over, Mister President

Well, well, well, while President Obama mulls over the idea of doing away with DADT, more and more Americans support a repeal of this discriminatory, illegal, immoral policy.

Yes, indeed, it seems over 70% of those polled want DADT gone.

And more interesting than that number, is that many of those polled call themselves conservatives and are weekly churchgoers.

Now, President Obama doesn't really need another opinion poll to make a decision regarding the end of DADT, but such high numbers are an indication that he should take a stand and make a move, and do something.

But, by doing nothing but studying" the situation and the ramifications of ending the policy only means that more and more military personnel will be discharged and fired. We now stand at over 230 men and women who have lost their jobs, their careers, since Obama took office, simply for being open about their sexual orientation; over 12,500 have been fired since the policy was originally enacted during President Clinton's first-term in office.

President Obama campaigned on ending DADT, vowing to move quickly in terminating the policy, but now it seems as if the notion of a repeal is a back-burner issue for the White House.

But it isn't a forgotten issue for roughly 70% of Americans. We know where we stand and what we want done.


frogponder said...

I can see no good reason that he shouldn't have done with already and I'm suspicious of political skulduggery.

Mark in DE said...

He could very easily repeal this horrible policy with the stroke of his pen...