Thursday, June 11, 2009

Idaho Can Suck It

Or maybe just the Lava Hot Springs can suck it.

At Lava Hot Springs--a local tourist attraction--a family was denied a reduced admission price for families because the parents were both women. And we all know lesbians and their kids aren't a real family.

The excuse given the couple and their three children was that they don't fit the definition of a family, under Idaho Law. The Lava Foundation's Executive Director, Mark Asshat Lowe, said the state doesn't recognize gay or lesbian marriage and defines a family as one male, one female and children. And yet, the ACLU in Boise says there is a State Code that defines marriage, but there is no universal definition of a family.

Asshat Lowe said they'll address this issue at the next board meeting which is on June 18th, and will probably do away with the family passes.

That's right.

Since the lesbians want one, no one can have one.

I was right: Idaho can suck it.


Geoff said...

What a story huh? I love the line in your post along the lines of... since the lesbians want a family pass now no one will get one.

Mark in DE said...

Yet another glaring reason why Federal marriage equality is needed.

Alice is not my Name said...

So while they're at it, why don't they just do away with marriage altogether too? If gays can't have it, no one can.

Can't believe they think that's the best solution.