Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He Throws A Bone........A Chicken Bone

President Barack Obama is to extend federal benefits for partners to same-sex couples.

Woo Hoo! Right?

Well, not so fast. The benefits do not include health care and they aren't permanent. They would expire when he leaves office and don't apply to those serving in the military.

So, I take back my Woo Hoo and replace it with a :::::sigh:::::

Apparently this action is seen as some kind of concession after the whole Department of Justice defending DOMA--Defense of Marriage Act--last week with talk of incest and child marriage being somehow the equivalent of gay marriage.

It was just last month that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled equal benefits for gay partners of US diplomats stationed overseas, including benefits such as medical care, transport between postings and security training were offered to same-sex partners.

Again, makes me wonder if I didn't put a check next to the wrong name last November.


Jeremy said...

Wohoo! Go President Obama! :)

Joy said...

This is what drives me crazy about Dems. If there's a way to shoot ourselves in the foot, we'll do it. Here they are with a majority where they can put through some legislation, but instead they want to be liked. Argh!!!!

Howard said...

Well, I will say I checked the right box on my primary ballot...

Dan said...

I checked the right box during the primaries! Unfortunately, I was not in the majority and now we have yet another President using us then ignoring us!

Mark in DE said...

You and I had about the same reaction to this story today.