Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Won't Play Gay.....Or Even Gay Friendly

clockwise from upper left corner:
Patricia Maucer, Saundra Santiago,
Brett Claywell, Scott Evans

I have been a fan of One Life To Live since Viki was married to Joe. or was it Clint? Or Sloane? Or Ben? Charlie?

I forget.

But I remember when OLTL did the first gay teenager storyline about a young man coming out of the closet. it was very well handled, and well told. So, I was happy to hear that OLTL was going to have a new gay couple on the show. Officer Fish, played by openly gay actor and brother of Chris Evans, Scott Evans, and his old college buddy Kyle, played by Brett Claywell..

They're calling them Kish. I hate when they do that.

And I was even more surprised to learn that Patricia Mauceri has been fired from the recurring role of Carlotta Vega on OLTL due to her protests about Carlotta's small role in the upcoming gay storyline. Apparently, OLTL wanted to go against stereotype and show Carlotta as a gay friendly Latina mother.

Mauceri objected to Carlotta's positive attitude about homosexuality, saying it conflicted with her personal beliefs. So, Mauceri was fired and the role was recast with Saundra Santiago, who has no trouble separating her religious beliefs and the part she plays on a soap opera. I wonder how Mauceri would have felt if an actor chose to be fired rather than play out a scene with a Latina. It's called acting, dear; it isn't real life. You can still be a homophobic hater on your days off. It's all good.

Here's how it all went down:

When Officer Fish (Evans) decides to come out to his very religious family, he purchases a book on how to come out to your parents. Somehow this book ends up in Cristian's possession and Carlotta mistakenly believes Cristian, who is her son, is gay, leading to a comedic scene where she is shocked, but then begins to accept "her" son's sexuality citing his sensitivity, artistic temperament and concern for his appearance.

The scene was meant to be played as a comedy of mistaken identities, with Cristian continuing to insist he isn't gay. The laughing stopped when Patricia Mauceri went to the producers and demanded the scenes be re-written, or she wouldn't play them. Patricia felt Carlotta would never accept her son's "gayness".

When the producers informed her the scenes would play out as is, Patricia persisted and the decision was made to recast the role.

Patricia Mauceri has worked extensively with gays in theater and on film over the years, but her personal religious beliefs have changed.

Again, dear, it's a job. Not a lifestyle.


Dan said...

Didnt some other male actor get bounced for not wanting to play gay?

Ultra Dave said...

If all the haters were fired, they couldn't give money to hate groups....they may be on to something.

Tom said...

"Again Dear, it's a job, not a lifestyle"...

Great line Bob!

I spent my entire college career scheduling classes around AMC, OLTL, and GH... I felt empty without my daily "fix" of at least two of the three.

My Mom got me hooked on AMC back when Erica was a teen, the show was 1/2 long, and ... ummmmm ... It was in Black & White...

Going to take some Geritol now, see you soon!


Ivan Vargas said...

It just shows that actors need to stop with the demands of "what their character would do" because here's the reality: I'm a writer. If I feel a character should go off a tangent and become nuts because I think his or her storyline sounds interesting, I'll do it. Don't give me this "well, being crazy goes against my beliefs; I won't play it." As a gay side-note, it goes as far back as "All About Eve" in that brilliant argument that [Bette] Davis as [Margot] Channing has with Huhg Marloww as Lloyd Richards. A piano cannot play the concerto.