Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Gay Disorder

Now, y'all know I am not a fan of the Catholic church or, well, of many churches. I mean, let's be honest here. I think most churches are anti-gay, and I don't think god....little anti-anything.

So there!

But the Catholic church has been a particularly viral thorn in my side when you have higher-ups in the church denouncing the Holocaust as a figment of the imagination....when you have a Pope saying that condoms spread AIDS....when you have priests molesting children while being protected against prosecution by the church.

As Christina Crawford says to Joan: I am not one of your fans.

Now comes a Catholic asshat who is comparing homosexuality to......bestiality? No. Been done. Incest? Not this time. Polygamy? Another day, not today. No, he compares being gay to being...wait for it.....fat.


From the mouth, when it isn't shoveling in the pasta, of one Deacon Keith Fournier of Virginia:

I have struggled most of my life with fighting obesity. I am on the “winning end” lately, but just give me another Holiday! A very good argument can be made that obesity [like sexual orientation] also has a genetic predisposition. However, I will fight it my whole life because it is unhealthy. It is a disordered appetite. Should we as a Nation decide that fat people have a civil right to be fat? Should those who insist that they resist that “genetic predisposition” to overeat be called Fata-phobic?
Disordered appetites - and the actions engaged in by those who give into them – simply should not be called civil rights. Certainly, those who succumb to them should be treated with the human dignity that they deserve and not be discriminated against. However, that is because they are human not because of their behavior! Homosexual sexual acts are simply homosexual sexual acts. Our bodies do not lie, they speak the language written within their constitution and confirmed in the Natural Law which binds us all.

So. Gay is like fat. It's a disorder that one can 'get over' with the help of a slew of books and talk shows. See, to the Deacon, fat is an eating disorder that must be treated; it's the opposite of bulimia and therefore needs a telethon and special funding.

Tell the fat person to put down the fork.
Tell the gay guy to get off the dance floor.

Po-tay-toe. Po-tah-toe.


frogponder said...


I have no words.

Eric Arvin said...

oh lord, what next?

Berry Blog said...

Why not? If I were straight I would seek counseling.Something would be definitely wrong for me. I would have to say that being straight was not my fault. I was born that way? why am I persecuted by the presence of all these fat gay people?