Thursday, April 29, 2021

I Had A COVID Prick

 And, no, by COVID prick, I don't mean Rand Paul.

Carlos and I went to our local health services department here in Smallville and, quicker than you can say "Is that hot black guy gonna give me a shot," we were pricked and on our way.

Easy peasy, and so far, feeling just dandy! In two weeks we go back for Prick #2.


Dave R said...

??? why would you want to have Rand Paul?

the dogs' mother said...

good for you!

JP said...

I’m glad. Stay well.
JP x

Deedles said...

You get a gold star, sugar! Covid prickees of the world, unite!

anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ! halfway there! everyone needs a little prick now and then...

jsstrand said...

Yes- double prick here - both over in a flash and hardly felt anything - - just like high school ūüėČ lol

Debra She Who Seeks said...


uptonking said...

Yay. I got mine... and now you gonna get yours. Happy for both of you... a couples thing, huh? Getting pricked together? Sigh.

Bob said...

I didn't say I wanted Paul I said he was a COVID prick.


Always, always, nice to see you!
Take care.

I would love a Gold Star!!

LITTLE???? Grrrrrrrrrrl.

Oh, the high school pricks were the worst! This was nothing.

I'm halfway there!

They were nice enough to do us at the same time.
And they gave us the shot together too!

Mistress Maddie said...

More like everyone needs a BIG prick now and then.

Go big or go home!!!!!!!!!! I had my first Tuesday. I'm happy to report that the gin didn't shoot out like a geyser. And the nurse agreed... with my gin intake it probably kills everything that enters anyway!!!!!!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Glad you guys finally got a prick. Looking forward to mine (or someone else's).

Helen Lashbrook said...

Two weeks? I'm having to wait two months! My 2nd jab Thursday next

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

That's great!
Glad you guys got it. Can't wait until everybody I know has gotten the vaccine. Really.


Bob said...

I think we got the Hendricks vaccine????

It was a good prick, too.

Nope, we need to wait just three weeks for Prick #2.

I was happy to see so many people in Smallville getting theirs.

whkattk said...

Excellent! That sense of relief is palpable.

VRCooper said...

Dear Bob:

I am glad that you and Carlos are on your way to being fully vaccinated. I am fully vaccinated as of about 2 weeks ago. Easy peasy!

Those asshats in your post. Sometimes I just can't. Hear another lie, gaslighting, projection, hate, culture war...

Our country is at a crossroads and hopefully, Uncle Joe can drag all the others along to a better place. What a great start so far.

Have a great Friday and weekend. Take care of the kids and OUR Carlos.



Bob said...

It is nice to feel like we're doing something positive.

We're pretty psyched about being half-vaccinated, and ready for round two!

Anonymous said...

A couple pricks.

Anonymous said...

@Bob: Now I'm imagining kryptonite syringes specially made to prick Superman.

As for Rand Paul, there's this myth that Libertarians are smart, when in reality they just have a lot of money and are really good at being manipulative.