Thursday, April 08, 2021


Over the weekend, we traveled out to DSW for new shoes. I needed some new summery kicks—that’s them below; cute, no?—and Carlos wanted a pair of boots for working in the yard. As I wandered the aisles, I came upon a small selection of … Gird your loins Maddie … Croc slippers. Carlos loves his Croc slippers but the fleece lining on his old pair have disintegrated and he can’t find replacements. So, being the good husband, no matter how much I detest Crocs—and, as a reminder, Carlos is not allowed off our property in said Crocs—I told him about the Croc slippers and he raced back to the display and scoured the boxes:

“They don’t have my size.”

I pointed to a :::gasp::: Camouflage pair.

“Well, did you check the sizes on these?”

“Camouflage? Do you think I’m some kinda camouflage Croc wearing hillbilly?”

“Oh, honey, no. You’re a regular Croc wearing hillbilly.”

Sadly—or, in my case, happily—they did not have his size, so we dodged a Croc bullet.

You can start reading again, Maddie!

Tuxedo has a big FU for all the GQPers who are telling corporations to stay out of politics while taking donations from corporations and also while being big ass hypocrites. Tuxedo don’t suffer no fools.

You see, the GQP has ranted about so-called Cancel Culture forever, and yet now they want you to break your Keurig, burn your Nikes, turn off CNN, stop watching baseball or football or basketball or NASCAR, don’t shop at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, or Macy’s, don’t drink Coke, or Starbucks, don’t watch HBO or Netflix and don’t eat Oreos.

The Party of Hypocrisy at work.

Over Easter weekend some people on the right freaked all the way out because Dr. Jill Biden wore fishnets in public.

This is the same group of people who had nothing to say about seeing Melanie's vagina.

Carry on.

Ramsey Solutions, owned by Christian nutjob and radio host Dave Ramsey, is no longer one of the best places to work in America after Inc. magazine dropped them from its 2020 “Best Workplaces” list after the company was sued by a former employee, Caitlin O’Conner, for discrimination.

O’Connor was fired after applying for family leave because she was pregnant. In court documents, Ramsey said O’Connor, who is not married, was fired for having premarital sex, which violated the company’s “righteous living” policy.

Clearly Dave Ramsey is a fucking loon. He is a religious wingnut and rabid anti-masker and is suing a Florida hotel, claiming they cost him millions because he canceled a convention there over their mask policy.

Now, I need someone to look into Dave Ramsey, because anyone who spends so much time worrying if his employees are having pre-marital sex probably has a closet filled with skeletons.

I have a friend who owns guns, but in the wake of the recent shootings, thought better of being what I would call “over armed.” He decided to sell his guns back to the government, but after a thorough background check, he realized the buyer has a history of violence and is mentally unstable and has opted to have the weapons destroyed. [/sarcasm font]

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, who rescinded the state’s mask mandate weeks after taking office, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Sorry, asshat, not sorry.

It’s not clear how he contracted the virus or if he has infected others, but six members of the state legislature have also tested positive since January.

Greg Gianforte; Superspreader.

Isn’t it ironic … while serving in the Florida Legislature, Matt Gaetz opposed a bill meant to stop people from sharing sexually explicit images of their ex-lovers? Matt Gaetz believed that recipients of those images had a right to share them. And now we know why he opposed the bill. So he could open his phone in the US Congress and show naked pictures of his ALLEGED conquests.

Former state Representative, and Republican, Tom Goodson, who sponsored legislation to outlaw this “revenge porn” and says:

“Matt was absolutely against it. He thought the picture was his to do with what he wanted. He thought that any picture was his to use as he wanted to, as an expression of his rights.”

Pigs gonna pig.

Rumor has it that Caitlyn Jenner might run, for governor of California, and is being assisted by Caroline Wren, a longtime GQP fundraiser, she met through her work with the American Unity Fund, a GQP nonprofit focused on LGBT issues, but …

Carolina Wren previously worked at [_____] Victory, a joint fundraising committee for the twice impeached, one term loser’s failed 2020 campaign. Wren more importantly, helped organize the rally he addressed immediately before the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

That’s all you need to know about Wren and Jenner.

Jake Moyle. Actor and dancer, who has appeared in everything from Rocketman to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again to Mary Poppins Returns.

He’s not what you might call classically handsome, but there’s something in the smile and the hair and the body. Had I known he was shaking his groove thing in Mamma Mia or Poppins I might have gone to see them.


Mistress Maddie said...

CROC slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *makeS mental not to close down DWS.*
What did you say Bob?

Caitlyn Jenner can stuff it. That bitch will never get my support.

I'm going to enjoy watching Miss Mattie Gaetz crash and burn. I had many a word with him on Instagram back in the elections.

I hate the View...and they would do themselves a favor by getting rid of the fat blond cunt.

And I thought that was a mannequin, not Melanie. But both made of plastic and fiberglass.

Helen Lashbrook said...

While I was not a fan of the outfit Dr Biden wore, she was at least covered up. Melanie Trumpelstiltskin has the morals of a whore.

Treaders said...

Ha, I finally figured out who Matt Gaetz makes me think of - that picture did it for me. It's "Mr. Incredible" from The Incredibles cartoon!

Steve Reed said...

I do love Moyle's hair!! Gaetz is a pig, as you said. And Ramsey -- what the heck is going on there?! I always wonder about these people who think their job is to police other people's behavior.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What, no photos of the Croc slippers?

anne marie in philly said...

aunt jill is real; melanoma is plastic.


the GQP and the xstains need to tend to their own closets full of lies, never mind what the rest of us are doing IN PRIVATE.

PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CARLOS! watch your mailbox!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I'm still cackling. One, because Maddie did blow a fuse with the crocs (I have to make a post about that!) and because that tweet was absolutely accurate.
Jake Moyle!!! Whoa. Yes, of course. Damn.
As for the Repugs: no to Caitlyn. Tiniest violin for Gianforte and popcorn for Gaetz and the mess he's in. Also, not surprised about Ramsey Solutions. Fuck them. And fuck the high horse all of them seem to ride in. How dare they clutch their (fake) pearls over a pair of stockings and say nothing about Mel's nudity and gold-digging techniques? Hypocrites.


Deedles said...

Oh, dear, sweet Carlos! I would love to hear him say y'all with a Spanish accent. Camo crocs? *SHUDDER*!

El Gato Guapo (E.G.G., for short) can throw some major shade! I hope (fogey that I am) I'm using that term properly.

The skeletons in Ramsey's closet are probably all wearing lacy, pink teddies.

Can you just imagine the uproar if Dr. Biden's outfit was sleeveless or *gasp* tan?!

Meghan, Meghan. My sisters and I all wore that do when we were kids. They were more Afro puffy, but still, KIDS! Daddy would come home and mourn the fact that his six little girls all were wearing onions on top of their heads.
That tweet did make me snort coffee, though.

Oh, and Bobulah, those shoes are indeed cute.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Camo croc slippers!!?
xoxo :-)

uptonking said...

Great tweet.

Jake! I approve. He's so pretty!! In so many ways.

Jenner is a joke. No credibility. Coasting on fumes.

Gaetz is such a pig. And we knew that BEFORE his current scandal. He was such a repugnant frat boy. F him.

So, Gianforte won't get so sick as to be hospitalized and will be one of those creeps who walk around and say 'no big deal'. Except it is. Especially to the over half million people who lost a loved one during this crisis. Azz wipe much?

US of Guns... FUNNY! And sad.

Ramsey. What a dolt. Because I refused to follow the rules you set down for use of your establishment - and it is your business so you set the rules - I HAD to cancel my shindig? Really? A lawyer convinced him that this was going to fly? LOL. Idiot. Hope a judge sends him packing. And I hope that young lady bankrupts his stupid company. The gall of that man.

Are you sure that is Melanie's vag? I heard it came with a biohazard sticker and one that said Property of Putin? And Jill rocks those boots. See... the right? They have NOTHING to work with. So they grab at stuff like a ladies stockings. Ridiculous, in this day in age.

Hypocrites indeed. See Melanie's cooze.

I wonder if Fox News remembers Goya? No, they don't because the current news cycle is all anyone thinks about. There is no introspection, no thought, no big picture look at the world we live in... just sound bytes.

Nice shoes. I am going lace-less. Slowly going all slip on.

And the croc bit... nice, one, Bob!

Thanks for the feed.


Moving with Mitchell said...

I had no knowledge of the Croc protocol. So glad to be educated. Thanks, Carlos.

Oh, Tuxedo, you're just making too much sense.

The US needs a NEW second party now that the GQP has cancelled Republicans.

But, come on, MelaniE wasn't wearing fishnets!

Can't wait for all the Ramsey skeletons to come out of the closet.

I loved the sarcasm!

It's not clear how he contracted the virus? It would be more unclear how he could not contract the virus.

Matt Gaetz... true to himself. Oh wait, I meant SELF-SERVING.

I read the news about Caitlyn Jenner yesterday and groaned. Not that the GQP would ever choose her. But how she chooses them still baffles me. Oh, wait, she's a moron.

Please give Jake Moyle my address.

That tweet is an insult to the Lollipop Guild.

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs said...

I have to be honest, I didn't care for the fishnets on Jill Biden either. Looks like she is trying to be too trendy, which I applauded, but not with that ensemble. She needs a stylist to give her the polish to be chic, and age appropriate. But I adore her.

How any woman could support that slime ball Matt Gaetz is beyond me.

I thought I heard a huge thud. Must have been the Mistress passing out and hitting the floor from the thought of croc slippers. Has anyone checked on the dear?

Bob said...

I tried to warn you!!
Caitlyn is vile. And to use Wren is sickening.
Gaetz burning would be a worthy bon fire.
Meghan can take her wack-a-doo hair don’ts and her ‘John McCain is my father’ and find new work.

It wasn’t a great look, but I’d rather see her fishnets over Melanie’s vagina any day.

That’s an insult to Mr. Incredible.

Yeah, Jake’s hair is fabulous; and he has a great smile, among his other attributes.
I always think people who use their faith as a weapon are hiding their own dirty secrets.

Oh dear goddess, I could never. Maddie would go blind!

I am Team Jill all day long. Russian whores, not so much.
I willkeep an eye out!

Maddie and Crocs. I knew I would be on thin ice!
And Jenner and Gaetz and Gianforte can fuck all the way off, and take Ramsey with them.
The GQP as fashion advisors is the best joke of all.
Luckily I have never heard Carlos say “y’all.” Seeing him in Crocs is the worst thing he’s ever done.
As for Tuxedo, you are correct and using the term correctly.
I think you’re right about Ransey.
GQP “fashion” heads would explode. Vagina, goodl fishnets, bad..
Every time I see McCain on The View, or in a Tweet about the show, I am amazed by her hideous hair. Clearly her stylist is having a go at her.
Cute kicks, yes!

Cano Croc Slippers. I’ve seen it all.
Paul Rudnick Tweets the best stuff; he really skewers Miss Lindsey!
Jake does something for me …
Caitlyn needs a good long sit down.
Gaetz is a smug pig!
I need Gianforte to get sick, real sick.
We do love our Guns here in the US of G.
Ramsey is a pig with secrets.
I loathed Melanie before I saw all of her and it’s worse now. Jill Biden’s panty-hose are this year’s Obama Tan Suit.
I’m sure Fox remembers Goya, but that was different.
My new kicks are lace-less! That’s what I loved.
I am not as bad as Maddie about Crocs but I am close.

Carlos has to be schooled every so often, as do we all.
I love it: Canceled Republicans!
But her shoes were still ugly.
I’m sure Dave Ramsey has some dirtydirty he’s hiding; that’s why he plays the role of Arch-Christian.
Let’s see: no one wears a mask from now on and we don’t shut down: that’s one hint.
I can’t with Caitlyn Jenner.Fame-whore.
As soon as he leaves Smallville.
Yes, as if McCain would be allowed to join!

It was the shoes that got me, but what got me more were Republicans blasting her for them but they never said a word about Nekkid Mel.
Matt Gaetz is on his final lap.
I warned her about the upcoming mention!!!

Anonymous said...

Re fishnetgate: she was fully clothed and wasn't airing her genitals out in the breeze, so I really do not care. Do you?

Re C Jenner: Your 15 minutes of fame are past. Please have the decency to move on.

Dave R said...

That Tweet was great!!

And Caitlyn.... someone should tell her no Republican will vote for her.

Bob said...


Caitlyn is delusional.