Saturday, April 24, 2021

I Ain't One To Gossip But ...

If you ever attend a party at Tommy Cruise’s house, do not, by any means, push any button. And I don’t just mean the button you push when you walk up to Tommy and say, “Scientology is a cult!” Or “Leah was right!” or “How many fake marriages have you had?”

No, I don’t mean those buttons, I mean an actual button that was pushed by actress Kyra Sedgwick, who was invited to a party at Tom’s house in the early 1990s and ended up having the place surrounded by the police after she touched something in the house. Here’s what she says:

“[T]here was this, like, fireplace mantel and I was looking around and there was this little button underneath the mantel. A little button. I was like, ‘Oh, what is that little button?’ So, I pressed the little button because I just thought maybe something interesting will happen. Nothing happened and then I got a little nervous. I was like, ‘Oh, nothing happened that doesn’t seem right.’ So, I tapped Tom on the shoulder, who was in the middle of a story, and I said, ‘I pressed this button down here.’ And he was like, ‘You pressed that button?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I pressed that button.’ And he goes, ‘That’s the panic button.'”
The police were automatically called out to Tommy’s house, and he was forced to explain that it was all a mistake.

It could have been worse … she could have pushed that other button and asked:

“Have you seen your daughter lately?”

I imagine an entire Co$ swat team would have descended on the house and Kyra Sedgwick might never have been seen again.


It was literally five minutes ago that I told y’all how Chrissy Teigen had shut down her Twitter account because of tall the hate she gets when she says stupid things. Chrissy said it was no longer fun and light and lively and she would have nothing more to do with it.

Tick Tock. Chrissy’s back on Twitter because you cannot keep a social media whore off social media. After a grueling 22 days—how did he do it—of nothing and no one talking about her, Chrissy came back, Tweeting:

“turns out it feels TERRIBLE to silence yourself and also no longer enjoy belly chuckles randomly throughout the day and also lose like 2000 friends at once lol”
Um, Chrissy, they aren’t “friends” they’re followers, because, and I’m guessing here, even you would recognize a friend if you walked by them on the street.


Scientologist, and actor, Danny Masterson isn’t quite ready to defend himself against charges of rape, and is saying it’s all Leah Remini’s fault.

Masterson’s lawyers filed papers in LA ALLEGING that Remini’s well-documented campaign against Co$ extending to his court case. Masterson claims Remini pushed for the three women in his case—all Jane Does—to make reports to the Los Angeles Police Department. Masterson claims that the LAPD is “starstruck” by Leah Remini and he also ALLEGES she has a close relationship with LAPD detectives, “even using them as her personal security. And, if that isn’t enough, he claims Remini guided the women as they gave statements to prosecutors.

And because of all that he needs more time.

Huh. Notice how he never once says he did not rape those women, but just that Leah Remini doesn’t like him or his church cult.


If you watch The View at all, you cannot help but wonder if it’s not her co-workers who despise her, it’s her hairdresser.

Meghan serves a different concoction every day, some odd, some strange, and some just downright awful, and now her hair stylist, Carmen Currie, is speaking out to tell us all that she does not hate Meghan McCain:

“I’m not slapping something on her and being like, “Take THAT!” I’m not telling her what to do all the time, it’s not like that at all. I want her to feel comfortable, I want her to feel confident with what I’m doing, and I want her to like it overall, and she does. I think it shows, and that’s part of what people are picking up on … There’s no fun hair and fun makeup; it’s very straightforward and obviously more conservative. Working with Meghan and The View, I get to be more creative and more artistic with the looks.”

Nice try Carmen, but if you don’t hate Meghan, please to explain these lewks:

Uh huh.


Dave R said...

I'm surprised Cruise threw a party for anyone who wasn't a Scientologist.

Who's Danny Masterson?

Meghan's hair inspirations all come for 1950's B movies.

the dogs' mother said...

Oh, my! Those hairstyles!
xoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

are those buns to cover up the incipient horns? I have seen comments to the effect that the hairdresser hates Meghan, because the styles and makeup do NOT suit her. Stripping off the bleach would be a good start to making her look less like a baby doll.

Mistress Maddie said...

If I was Meghan's hairdresser, why ruin my own career with those hair styles... I wouldn't go to that trouble, I'd just stick a wide load coming sticker to her back. Or Rump Roast $8.99lb.

As for the rest...some days the supply of idiots is over sufficient to my needs. This is one of them.

Jennifer said...

Those Just wow.

Steve Reed said...

"More conservative"? Is she kidding? There is nothing conservative about that hair.

That panic button story is pretty funny. I bet stuff like that happens all the time in LA. The police are probably used to it.

Moving with Mitchell said...

OK, at least there's Leah Remini and Kyra Sedgwick. The rest... I just cant. I DO like Chrissy Teigen's politics, but I'm thinking of dumping all 2 gazillion of my closest friends, as well.

anne marie in philly said...

kyra could have pressed this button: "so, tommygurl, show me your shoe lifts!"

SICK of chrissy and meghan. who's danny?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those hairstyles on Meghan McCain just go from bad to worse.

It's Just Jake said...

"There’s no fun hair and fun makeup..." Say waaah? Literally half of Utube is fun hair and makeup. + RuPaul, and all the Real Drag Queens... Also Harpo had fun hair :)

I wonder what she meant?? English is difficult language...

uptonking said...

I assumed Meg-Han was doing that to herself. You see, sometimes, when a person really, really dislikes themselves intensely, they will self harm. This is Meg-Han's cry for help. Please help her. Someone. Help her.

Masterson is an asshole, which is too bad, because he was one of the reasons to watch That 70's Show. I love his 'defense'. What bunk. Scientology is trying to rescue his balls from the fire. If the succeed? He is theirs to do as they please! I hope his ass ends up in jail.

Chrissy's BACK! Wow. I have to tell you, I for one am glad. There was this blackhole sucking all the energy out of the world of social media and... oh, wait. That wasn't Chrissy's absence... that was the Pillow Guy's 5 seconds attempting to launch a chat site for MAGAts.

Tom Cruise is so creepy. I can only hope that one day he and Masterson end up in the same cell. Then Masterson can get a taste of his own medicine.

Thanks for the gossip. BTW. Kyra isn't a cult member, right? I love her. And she's so wealthy... I'm sure she wasn't duped. Kizzes.

uptonking said...

Oh, and I LOVE THE HEADER! Perfect.

Bob said...

I think Tommy was tryin to appear normal, or else Co$ was having a recruiting drive.

And she LETS that be done to her!!!

Apparently the hair stylist and McCain like these bombs???!??!?

I was kinda shocked the hair stylist actually took credit for these looks!

You're being too kind!

I found it funny she thought laying a skidmark of glitter in McCain's hair was conservative!

I love these "celebs" who quit Twitter because it's so mean, but come back right away when they realize they love the attention more than they hate the mean!

Danny was some actor on a TV show, but he's gotten more notice as a Co$ accused rapist.

I was thinking worse to worser[?]

I think she's trying to cover the fact that her skills are lacking!

To think McCain PAYS for that service!
I hope Masterson burns because he's acting like you can't touch him because he's Co$.
I just find Chrissy tiresome whining about how mean Twitter is but then coming right back when she's not getting as much attention.
Tommy is a freak. Period. Kyra's not Co$ because she'd never have told that story.
That's my Tucky up there!

VRCooper said...

For the lady who always lets it be known her father was a senator...I don't care what her hairdresser does to her empty head...There is a mirror...And she walks out at the end to go on air...Her hairdresser is pleasing her client...She may even suggest a better do but my father is a senator, loves the attention that it gives, and tries to distract us of the stupid things she says...