Thursday, April 29, 2021


Yesterday, after breakfast, Carlos announced that he was going to work in the yard trimming the azaleas and pulling weeds and such; he said he’d seen a vine growing up into one of the azaleas and wanted to pull it out and cut it down before it killed the plant.

He was outside about an hour before he came back in and said he couldn’t find the vine; he told me that he had coiled it up and left it on the ground the day before because he didn’t have his shears. I asked if he had checked all the azaleas along the fence and he snidely said, “Yeeeeessssss!”

I knew what I had to do.

“Perhaps it was a snake, and after you coiled it up it slithered away.”

And now he won’t go into the backyard either.

Tuxedo wants to play off of Carlson’s idea of berating people who wear masks by asking the entire country to berate anyone who works for, listens to, or believes Fox News.

Good news … in Arkansas, a bill that says teachers may teach religious creationism alongside the scientific theory of evolution failed to advance from the Senate Education Committee. GQP wingnut and bill sponsor, Mary Bentley, claims that “many” teachers asked her for the ability to teach “counter-theories”.

Hey Mary? Creationism is taught in church. And there is a Separation of Church and State—even in Arkansas—that comes into play here. I mean, unless you wanna have the theories of evolution taught in Sunday school.

Uh huh, Thought so.

As we watch state after state, well, the Republican ones anyway, try to discriminate against trans youth, we are getting more good equality news from the Biden Administration,

 The Housing and Urban Development Department has recommitted to Obama-era protections that ensure transgender people experiencing homelessness can stay in shelters that correspond with their gender identities.

Another smackdown to the hate-filled agenda of the last guy.

In Flori-duh and Oklahoma, the state’s GQP Governors, Ron DeSantis and Kevin Stitt, have signed “anti-riot” bills into law that vastly increase law enforcement’s powers to crack down on civil unrest. But another thing they do? They grant civil legal immunity to people who drive through protesters blocking the road.

That’s right. If you are protesting, and in the streets, a wingnut Floridian or Oklahoman can literally drive into the crowd, injuring or killing anyone, and be granted immunity.

Think about that white supremacist who ran over and killed counter-protester Heather Heyer during the Charlottesville protests in 2017.  Under these two asshat’s new laws, if he’d said it was accidental he’d be free and Heyer would still be dead.

Oh, and make no mistake this is a direct result of the Black Lives Matter protests which means, without saying so, the laws target running down people of color legally.

This past weekend, following reports on Fox News, that bastion of criminally insane lying, a bunch of RepubliQAnon asshat politicians claimed that President Biden would remove hamburgers and steaks from every restaurant and home to combat climate change.

Seriously. These tools either are stupid enough to believe this or think their constituents are stupid enough to believe this.

Fox News was forced to retract their story because … lies.

A German police bomb squad was called to investigate a suspected hand grenade in a Bavarian forest and luckily determined that the object actually was a rubber sex toy.

Just another reason Carlos and I keep our real grenades in a separate box from the butt grenades.

In another case of Liars Gonna Lie, the New York Post—owned by the same company as lying Fox News—reported that a children’s picture book written by Vice President Kamala Harris was being handed out in “welcome kits” to young migrants at a shelter in Long Beach, California.

Fox News also aired the story until Long Beach city officials told The Washington Post that Harris’s book is not being handed out in welcome kits. A single copy of the book was donated during a citywide donation drive.

But hey, if a lie works, then spread it.

Josh Hawley, liar and insurrection-supporting traitor to his country, has written a book on the “Tyranny Of Big Tech.” And he took to Twitter to advertise the slim, 200-page book pamphlet treatise and tagged onto the message was a link to, the third-largest technology company in the world.

Oh, and Hawley did all this using the Twitter application for iPhone.

You seriously cannot fix stupid, but you can make fun of it all day long.

Ah, German Fontanini, a six-foot tall, brown haired, gray-blue-eyed Argentinean model. There is no need to say another word.


Helen Lashbrook said...

Tuxedo has a wise head on his shoulders. Depraved people like that loathsome White Supremacist Muck Raker Carlson aren't wise, they're not even foolish virgins (or not virginal as the case may be) - they're the sort eugenicists dream of, brainless and under orders.....perhaps it's a result of eating all that meat?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That tweet sums up those two asshats perfectly.

Frank said...

Nice news round-up, but I do feel for Carlos.

Deedles said...

Poor, Carlos! Bobulah, you are EEEEEEVILLLLLL! I did laugh, though, so I guess that makes me evil adjacent.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
ak! A vine-snake!!

xoxo :-)

Bob said...

i just think they're vile human beings.

I agree!

I went out with him and found the vine all coiled up so he feels better now ... even though there are still snakes in the yard!

Evil adjacent is good, too!

All is well now that we trapped the vine!!!

Dave R said...

Evidently the writer of the Kam on story resigned in protest of the lie.

And that bit about the beef was too funny. Conservatives are soooo stupid.

Let's be honest here, Mary Bentley has gone 'round the bent (haha).

Treaders said...

Aahhh I love your husband!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Hahaha I'm with Carlos, here, dear. Well, most times I'm with Carlos.
And thanks, Tuxedo! Someone had to say it. Faux news and all its convoluted, manufactured outrage exhaust me.
Josh Hawley is a dick and creationists are idiots.
"German Fontanini, a six-foot tall, brown haired, gray-blue-eyed Argentinean model. There is no need to say another word." This is correct.


uptonking said...

Perfect Tweet of the week. Eat the rich!

German is germane! Grrrrr. Very nice.

Hawley is a professional liar and a total idiot. Look for him to run for president or vp soon. Seriously... that is what he is positioning himself for... and that is what all of his ridiculous stunts are about... positioning in the party. He is to politics what Kim Kardashian is to social media.

Murdoch needs to be sued big time. He continues to pull crap like this Kam story. They also misreported another major story this week... they peddle lies like The National Enquirer.

Butt grenades? Is that a thing? I dunno. I am such an innocent.

The Where's My Beef beef this week was a scream. They recently released a study that showed that once Fox broadcasts a lie? I takes forever to correct it, even if they broadcast a retraction. So, look forward to a whole summer of "Dems gonna take away my Arby's Monster Burger".

I was aware of Florida... not aware of Oklahoma. Interesting. This simply gives the far right free reign to kill as they wish. Shame on both states. I don't even understand the rationalization or justification behind these bills.

At 100 days? Biden is a total winner. Yes, he hasn't gotten everything done... but let's face it - it is a night and day world.

Stupid religious nonsense will continue to try and weave their dirty tentacles into our school... get them while they're young, Evita. get them while they're young.

Tucker Carlson is a raving loon. He's starting to make Alex Jones look only half insane. I really expect to hear he is speaking in tongues. I think he and Michele Bachmann would make excellent co-hosts for a whacko show.

Stop scaring Carlos before he's scared of ALL 'snakes'.

Thanks for the new feed. Kizzes.

Bob said...

I just can't with the Fox News tools and their blatant lies.

As do I!

Carlos is fun and funny and his fear of snakes is kinda fun, too, for me!!

German is dee-lish. I do loves me the Latino mens.
Hawley will have to explain himself to We The People. like how he was the ONLY 'No' vote on the bill to fight Asian Hate.
Apparently butt plugs that look like grenades ARE a thing. Who knew?
Biden has a lot he wants to do, and I will stand with him the entire way.
To be fairm there are SOME snakes Carlos likes ...

anne marie in philly said...


fux noise lies and lies and lies, as does the GQP!

Bob said...

Tucky needs a Twitter account!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I'll be in the house with Carlos while you trim the azaleas. But I hope you find a whole bunch of snakes to set loose on a number of people you Bobservated (Bobserved?) today.

Bob said...

We walked the yard and found the "snake" because Carlos was looking under the wrong azalea for the vine.
But snakes sent out to do my bidding sounds fun!