Thursday, April 15, 2021


The other day I was getting ready to take a shower and Carlos came into the bathroom asking if there was someone at the front door. Now, before you think our front door opens into the bathroom, it does not, and I explained that to Carlos. But he said the cats had scattered as they sometimes do when someone rings the bell.

Did someone ring the bell?”


“But you think that I know, here in the bathroom, at the back of the house,  if there’s someone at the door?”

I followed him to the front door and he’s looking through the glass to see if he spots anyone. I’m behind him, and it’s me who spots … something.

We have a wreath on the door and as I glanced beyond it, I saw a snake slithering up the glass and inside the wreath. I said to Carlos:

“Maybe that snake rang to bell.”

Howler monkey scream!!!!!

Once I peeled him off the ceiling, I told him I’d take the wreath off the door and put it away so that these snakes don’t think it’s food and climb the door. And he put the kibosh on that because the snake will kill me because snakes slither so fast and you can’t get away and it’ll come in the house and … and … and ….

I had to sedate him; with a frying pan to the melon.

What? Y’all know Tuxedo has the Common Sense. It’s a shame the two-legged inhabitants of the planet don’t always follow his lead.

Seen along the roads in Florida:

“Matt Gaetz Wants to ‘Date’ Your Child.”

Claude Taylor, Mad Dog PAC founder, funded the billboard and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving asshat.

For the past couple of weeks Aaron Rodgers has been the guest host of Jeopardy. At times he seems a bit tentative, but he sure is easy on the eyes.

Texas GQP Party chairman Allen West says Texas could secede from the United States and become an independent country:

“This is something that was written into the Texas Constitution.”

West is mistaking the state constitution for a congressional document which allows Texas to divide itself into five different states. But let’s say Texas does secede, as asshat politicians like to threaten. No more Ted Cruz. No more Louie Gohmert … Greg Abbott. The next time a bad hurricane comes through, or the power goes out, they’re on their own.

Secede away!

In an Economist/YouGov Poll released this week, respondents were asked if they believed Derek Chauvin should be found guilty of murder.

Among all respondents, 57% said “Yes,” with 25% saying they were “Not sure,: and 18% saying “No.” But among Republicans, only 31% said Chauvin should be found guilty, and 36% said he should not.

Now, again, I am not saying that all Republicans are racist, but this makes it look like all racists are Republicans.

PS Look closely at the above picture in case you didn't see it the first time.

Kentucky Governor, and Democrat, because, of course, Andy Beshear signed into law an election reform bill making it easier for Kentuckians to vote early, bucking the GQP trend of more restrictive election laws spurred on by The Big Lie:

New in Kentucky will be voting supercenters—where a voter from any precinct in the county can vote—and the online absentee ballot request portal will become permanent, as will absentee ballot drop boxes and three days of early in-person voting for all registered voters.

It’s nice to see some states in the country making voting easier.

SIDENOTE: Andy’s kinda cute, no?

I don’t particularly care for Will Smith, but I like this.

Smith and director Antoine Fuqua are pulling their upcoming film production “Emancipation” out of Georgia because of the state’s new voting law, AKA Jim Crow 2.0.

Now, Marvel and Netflix? Are you gonna pump money into a state that tried to suppress the vote or are you gonna step up?

In November 2020, two years after Taylor Swift’s contract with Big Machine Records expired, so did her re-record clause.

And so Swift is now going to re-record every song from the six albums she released while at Big Machine meaning that those of you who bought them the first time can now buy the re-recorded versions and Swift can fill her change purse with more coins.

Ted Nugent, MAGAt rocker with no active brain cells, asked a question about the COVID-19 pandemic that possibly nobody else had considered … except Cryptkeeper Kellyanne Conway:

“Why weren’t we shut down for COVID one through 18?”

Um, Ted, perhaps the years of drug use and lack of education have left you unable comprehend that the ‘19’ in COVID-19 designates the year in which the first infection was reported.

2019, dumbass.

This week’s Hottie is not an actor or a model, but a writer, activist, and perhaps a candidate for governor of Maryland, Westley "Wes" Watende Omari Moore.

That smile. Those eyes. That voice. That passion. That drive. Wes Moore? Yes, more.


anne marie in philly said...

ooooh, the KKK hoods.
and that boebert twunt has GOT TO GO!
have you pulled carlos down off the ceiling yet?

Bob said...

He's down, but he won't go near the front door!!!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Just imagine; you're the Foreign Minister of a sovereign country and you get a message to the effect that the Sovereign State of Texas wants to send your country an ambassador and open an embassy! Just what we needed you think; perhaps the old US embassy building in Grosvenor Square will do? Then you get told that they are sending Ambassador Cruz! Arrgh no! All bets are off.

Bob said...

Texans have long threatened secession and most people respond, "Go then."

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Texas AND Florida should secede. STAT.
Tuxedo, right as always.
OMG Bob. I so totally pictured you peeling Carlos off the ceiling.... LOL
The cartoon? Absolutely GQP.
And between you and I, I'm waiting for the other shoe concerning Matt Gaetz falls. Oh, it should be delicious. And they've probably already pick his replacement.


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) - I'm with you on the SNAKE! business.
(Tuxedo) - Yes. That would have been much better.

xoxo :-)

Treaders said...

As we don't really get snakes round here, I'm with Carlos on that one. And as for Ted Nugent - I'm just speechless. AFTER ALL THIS TIME THAT'S WHAT HE THINKS COVID 19 IS?????

uptonking said...

Hee hee. Any reason to post a pic of Margaret Hamilton is a good one.

Oh, my. WES! That is one kissable face. I am in LURVE. Thank you, Bob. You'll be invited to the wedding. PS Don't wear white!

I didn't realize Ted was still able to put words together to form a sentence. Progress. Well, that and... he's a little late to this party, ain't he? Was he in a MAGA induced coma?

I get why Taylor would want control of her songs. They belong to her and she should have had the first option to buy the originals. What they did was underhanded. And who knows... if she's smart? She gives away the stuff for free simply to spite the folks who stole her music to begin with.

Will Smith is one of those Cult Members. But, yay... doing the right thing re: Georgia. Ummm... that movie? Yeah, another Will Smith movie I will never see.

Yay, Kentucky. And, no... Andy is not my cup of tea. But his ideals are! So, who knows... I've based two year relationships on far less.

Huh. I can't believe ANYONE doesn't think Chauvin is guilty. Based on the testimony I've seen? Hope orange is is color.

Allen West. What a putz. And Texas? They can go F themselves.

Aaron looks like an ex of mine. Yes... easy on the eyes. Sweet.

Gaetz. Why haven't they drummed him out of politics yet? This will all blow over and he will be Ted Cruz II.

Tux is one smart cat. He can patrol my neighborhood anytime.

I love me some Carlos.

Thanks for the feed, Bob. Love your blog. Always something fun.

BootsandBraids said...

This Carlos story is by far and away the best one yet. ROFLMAO! I’m with you on Will Smith. I’ve never much cared for him as an actor but, as a human, I respect his moving production out of Georgia. And btw, when you blog about The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood coming out ─ and you will, LOL, please don’t offer him the official magazine, toaster, anything. He comes across as a putz who’s had his 15 minutes of fame and is just seeking more.

Mistress Maddie said...

"Texas GQP Party chairman Allen West says Texas could secede from the United States and become an independent country"

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. And while your at it, take Florida and Arkansas with you. Those three states I can't stand with a passion. Beyond me why my cousins even stay in Texas.

Ted Nugent= bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I caught a brief stint of Aaron Rodgers. I don't watch the show, he is handsome as hell, but he seemed very odd on there, and awkward.

But the Carlos story wins the week. The whole story is just so you you mentioned your in the shower.... If I ever come visit make sure that wreath is not there.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, I'm with Carlos. A goddamn snake crawling up the front door and ringing the doorbell would have me screaming on the ceiling too.

Moving with Mitchell said...


Just though I'd quote Ted Nugent's friend(?) Kellyanne Conway who said on Fox News exactly one year ago: "This is COVID-19, not COVID-1, folks,"... Geniuses... or do I mean GeniASSES.

Bohemian said...

The Whole Post was hilarious and I needed that hearty Laugh, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. From Snake Wreaths to Politics. And... why is it that Family Members will trek thru the entire Household to ask us if someone is at the Front Door? I swear they think I'm the only one that could handle a potential Serial Killer whose kind and polite enough to ring the bell or knock? *winks*

Bob said...

If there was a way to physically remove those states from the land mass, I’d vote for it.
Seriously, the man was on the ceiling.
I think we’ll learn more about Gaetz’s perversions.

I think I’ll keep thm both.

Yeah, he really REALLY cannot handle even the thought of a snake.
Ted Nugent is an anti-drug ad in and of himself.

@ upton
I’ll take Margaret over Boebert any day!
Watching Wes on TV and I was hooked. I can’t. I made Carlos leave the room!
I think Taylor’s all about the coins and I loathe everything about her.
I agree about Will being Co$ so I was surprised he spoke out against Georgia,
I get cute nerd from Andy and I kinda like acute nerd.
Racists don’t think a White guys murdering a black man has committed a crime because they’ve been doing it for centuries.
Allen and Texas were made for each other.
Aaron’s kinda dumb jock hot, but I don’t think he’s dumb, so …jock hot??
I certainly hope the Gaetz thing doesn’t blow over because he’ll be more disgusting than ever.
Tuxedo has zero fucks to give.
Carlos always makes me smile.

Carlos and snakes is always high-larious.
Yeah, Will Smith movies are a No, but Will Smith standing up against voter suppression is good.
I talk about Colton tomorrow, and he doesn’t get a toaster, but he does get some props. And I read today he’s getting a Netflix series, so he’s turning being gay into coins and therefore buy his own damn toaster.

Allen’s always been an idiot, and so has Texas, so they are good together,
I agree Aaron seems awkward, but it’s kinda dorky awkward hot.
And the wreath is down, though the snake is still around somewhere.

For some reason snakes don’t bother me, butspiders? No, ma’am, do not.

I’ll save you a seat next to Carlos!
Yeah, I think Kellyanne and Ted are actually the same person.

Glad I made you laugh. I consider that a high compliment!

Dave R said...

Gaetz.... I don't need to say anything more,
same goes for nugent, and west, who looks like he's prepping to play one of the lollipop kids.

Jennifer said...

Poor Carlos! I felt a howler monkey scream building inside me at just the thought of a snake slithering into a wreath on my front door! You'd have been scraping me off the ceiling, too! Fuck a snake. Seriously. :)

Bob said...

It is a cesspool.

You were living vicariously through Carlos' terror!!

Raybeard said...

So there's an aspiring new entrant for your list of 'Attractive Baldies'. Go, Wes, GO! [Oh, those 'Cupid lips'!]

Travel said...

No wonder you love him so much!

Bob said...

Oh, yes, he definitely made the list!!!