Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today's My Birthday ... Sing!!!!

... and, No, that is not my cake, and those aren't my candles and I'm not that old ... yet.

Now, shut up and sing me a birthday ditty and make me believe it! 


Fit Studs said...

Aww, happy happy! May all your wishes come true... :)
Happy B'day!!!! ^_^

carlnepa said...

Happy Birthday from a loyal reader.

Toni said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Slatten
Happy Birthday to you.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to you!
You cool blogger, you!
Happy Birthday Bob Slatten,
Happy Birthday to you!

the dogs' mother said...

The punk band, that lived in my basement, got invited to play at a birthday party. They wrote a song for it with lyrics like 'it's terrible to get old, all alone in the cold...' So when one of the band had a birthday I bought a decorated cake with those words on it. The look on the bakery person's face was priceless. :-)
oxoxoxox to you!

Greg said...

Hippo ,birdie, two ewe.
Hippo, birdie, two ewe.
Hippo, birdie, deer Bob.
Hippo, birdie, two ewe.

Michael Dodd said...

Well, Greg beat me to the Hippo, birdie thing ...
But happy birthday nonetheless!
Michael [I'm not a robot], Tom [Who is also not a robot]and the cats [And they aren't sure]

anne marie in philly said...

happy birthday to you
you smell just like poo
your nose hairs are creepy
and you like kangaroos

(made up on the spur of the moment)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND BOB! I can always count on you for a smile to make my day better! may you have many many more birthdays to celebrate with carlos and us!

Susan said...

The happiest of birthdays on your Special Day, Bob. Thanks for giving us so many special ones here. Have a great celebration with Carlos.

Sadie J said...

Happy Birthday! I guess there are good things about January, after all!

Kevin said...

All the best for this next trip around the sun! Have an awesome day!

mistress maddie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!!!!!!! I wonder if my houseboys have showed up yet for your day of luxury. xoxox

Scott said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Raybeard said...

Multiple congrats on your awe-inspiring achievement! (of yesterday?)
May you have at least as many again - no, THREE times as many! - but with good health levels to accompany it, of course.

Mitchell is Moving said...

OK. That song was clever ... and I HATE IT!!!! So...

Cumpleaños feliz
cumpleaños feliz
te deseamos Roberto
cumpleaños feliz.