Monday, January 04, 2016

Again I Wonder: Who Are The Terrorists ... Muslims Protect Christians At Christmas Mass

Damn those Muslims! If they keep doing things like this, some folks around the world, and especially here in this country might have to rethink that whole ‘Muslims are terrorists’ mantra.

Just before the Christmas Midnight Mass at the Lens church in Pas-de-Calais, in northern France, members of the Muslim community arrived to guard Christians, while they prayed and enjoyed their mass.

After the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called for higher levels of security at the entrance of churches during Christmas Mass, Hashim El Jazaoui, Secretary of the Union of Muslim Citizens [UCM] in Pas-de-Calais organized the gathering of Muslims to protect Christians as they worshipped:
 “We want to say that we are all together. We are brothers. We are in the same boat. If the boat sinks, we all sink. If mentally ill people want to kill us, they will have to kill us all together.”
Brahim Aït Moussa, another member of UCM:
“It’s above all – a message of love. Nowadays, we find it hard to tell people we love that we love them. We have a hard time to heart it too.”
And so these men stood outside the Lens church, silently protecting the Christians who has gathered inside, a gesture that was acknowledged during the service by Father Lemblé,  who ended his prayer by giving the ‘Bethlehem light’, symbolizing peace to members of the Muslim community.

Meanwhile, in America, that same week, and in the preceding months, vandals defaced the Islamic Center of Pflugerville, Texas, just north of Austin. Worshippers arrived for prayer to find pages ripped from the Quran and feces flung along the front of the building,

In Louisville, Kentucky, several anti-Islamic messages were spray-painted in red on Louisville Islamic Center … "Nazis speak Arabic" …  "Moslems [sic] — leave the Jews alone" … "This is for France."

Out in Hawthorne, California, vandals spray-painted graffiti at two mosques and left a device that looked like a hand grenade in the driveway of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Baitus-Salaam Mosque 

And in Burlington, Massachusetts, police are looking for three men they say were involved in spray-painting “USA” repeatedly on the exterior walls of the Islamic Center of Burlington. 
These are but a few cases of anti-Muslim violence around this country in recent months, but it does beg the question:

Who are the real terrorists? The Muslims protecting Christians while they worship, or the vandals and lunatics attacking Muslim places of worship in this country.

Muslims are not terrorists; terrorists are terrorists.


Michael Dodd said...

Sadly Christianists (they do not deserve to be called Christians because their behavior smears those who bear the name with dignity) think they are doing the will of something they call God. Pointing out that that their behavior is terrible if not terrorism fails to have an impact. Because that thing they call God is pretty terrible, too. And like them, undeserving of the name they give it.

the dogs' mother said...

Oh. my. :-(

anne marie in philly said...

imprison all domestic terrorists (read: white str8 xstain NRA-loving males)!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I wonder how many times this has to be said.

But then, apparently if you call yourself Christian (note: I did not say if you ARE Christian), you're not a terrorist, you're either a protestor or a patriot.