Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Net Zero Home

The Net Zero Home was designed and built by Dwell Development, an award- winning firm focused on building modern sustainable homes.

Nestled in the Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, this eco-friendly home is a combination of modern design and necessity and reinvention and reuse; and every Dwell home is designed with the goal of net-zero energy use in mind.

The pathway leading up to the 3,140 square-foot three-story home is made out of the repurposed concrete from the public sidewalk that was removed during construction, while the home’s exterior was built using salvaged wood and corrugated metal from a deconstructed barn in the Willamette Valley.And, practicing the Dwell philosophy, that no material is wasted, the barn wood was also incorporated into the roof soffit above the deck as well, while the extra metal is used for the siding and fencing.

The exterior of the home is coated with Enviro-Dri which seals the exterior against moisture intrusion, protecting the home from the harsh Pacific Northwest climate. The pervious concrete keeps rainwater onsite, recharging the ground water and lessening the burden on the storm water infrastructure.

And, despite Seattle’s “grey” reputation, the sun is a valuable energy resource that did not go unused. The solar panels convert energy to usable electricity, offsetting the homeowners’ energy use and reducing their carbon footprint, and the home’s triple pane windows keep the heat inside while the Heat Recovery Ventilator provides constant fresh air. The sustainable technology keeps energy usage low while providing a healthy, comfortable environment for its inhabitants.

It’s kinda rustic, kinda modern, very green and really cool.

Plus, you know, it’s Seattle …



the dogs' mother said...

Loves the views, of course!

mistress maddie said...

Surprisingly I love the inside, why, I have no idea as I generally like a less modern approach, but I love it. Now....the outside looks to much "office" to me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roof terrace and love the art work.