Wednesday, January 06, 2016

This Man Wants To Be President: Marco Rubio Used His Power To Get A Real Estate License For A Drug Dealer

Back in the days before he was running for president and still showing up to work, Marco Rubio, as the Republican Majority Whip in the Florida House of Representatives, wrote a letter of recommendation to help a man, a convicted cocaine trafficker, get a real estate license.

Now that doesn’t seem like a big deal, except when you realize that the budget of the Florida Real Estate Commission is, and was at that time, controlled by the Florida legislature, where Rubio wielded considerable influence. The letter, written on Rubio's official, taxpayer funded House stationery read, in part:
"I have known Mr. Cicilia for over 25 years. I recommend him for licensure without reservation."
But, other than believing that Orlando Cicilia was a great friend, and needed this leg up, Marco Rubio failed to mention that Cicilia was also his brother-in-law who had been out of jail just 20 months when Rubio recommended him. He also failed to mention that, at the time, Cicilia was living with Rubio’s parents in their West Miami home. Cicilia was convicted in a 1989 of distributing $15 million worth of cocaine; the money was never found.

That would be a Marco Rubio presidency; using the power of the office to bully others to get his way, and spending a great deal of time helping his friends, like a convicted drug dealer.

At least while he was showing up at the office.


the dogs' mother said...

once again the mind boggles.

Blobby said...

if you hid $15MM, why the fuck would you need to show snow-birds crappy condos?

Debbie said...


Helen Lashbrook said...

If an MP in the UK did this he'd be hounded until he resigned his seat, no matter what side of the political divide.