Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thanks Obama ... For Getting It Done ... Again ... Despite The Opposition

I always laugh when people on the Right criticize President Obama for not doing enough in the War on Terror — at least the terror caused by non-whites — as if he’s supposed to hold a news conference and give us all the confidential information about what strikes will be made where, and when, and where we’ll bomb, and who were going to kill next.

You know, like he gave us all the information about when and where and how bin Laden would be killed. It just isn’t done; sometimes things need to be secret so as not to screw it up and make the situation worse.

But it hasn’t changed, even now, after Obama made history with that nuclear disarmament deal with Iran — which, by the way, GOP, seems to be working — and Republican lawmakers tried to undermine the agreement by pointing to several American citizens who were still being held in that country’s prisons.

They argued that no deal can truly be reached until Iran releases the imprisoned Americans, but, wait, what, that all changed January 16th when the Obama administration pulled off yet another victory by securing the release of five American prisoners — via a prisoner swap — who will now return home to their families.

Great news, no? Not if you’re a Republican who cannot seem to acknowledge one single thing they like about Obama. The GOP continued to kvetch and moan, with their biggest loudmouthed moronic asshat, Donald [t]Rump going so far as to suggest that the very prisoners the GOP wanted released should have remained in prison because it was a bad deal.
“They’re getting seven people, so essentially they get $150bn plus seven, and we get four.”
And Marco Rubio — The Quitter of 2016, who doesn’t bother to show up to vote on anything — agreed with [t]Rump that the prisoner swap was a bad idea, saying it made America look weak, forgetting that prisoner swaps have been going on in war time, in this country, since the Revolutionary War.

Even in the days before the release, Republican commentators all over TV — and not just on FoxNews — loudly whined that Obama didn’t care about the prisoners …

Sure, that’s Joe Scarborough, a moron of epic proportions, but he’s just echoing the party’s sentiment, even though he, like most Republicans and conservatives, failed to note, and thank, Secretary of State John Kerry who had been working around the clock to get these Americans home.

But … Asshat Extraordinaire Ted Cruz did thank God …

But what about the prisoners? What about the families of the prisoners? They tell a most interesting story …

Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Christian pastor Saeed Abedini — imprisoned in Iran since 2012 — told CNN that President Obama had consistently Obama assured her that his administration was doing everything they could to bring her husband home:
“It’s been wonderful. Especially the last year. Constant communication. Constant updates. [L]ast year, we met with President Obama. He was in Boise, Idaho, [and] we had a private meeting with [him] … They were continually updating us … talks they were having with Iran and the side negotiations. I had a feeling in the last few months that it was coming to a close, but I wasn’t really sure and I wasn’t trying to get my hopes up.”
In other words, the Obama administration was doing everything you hoped they would do when dealing with a foreign country over a prisoner swap. Obama’s silence wasn’t apathy … it wasn’t the President “doing nothing” … it was President Obama working silently with Iran to secure the release of these prisoners and keeping it under wraps so as not to tank the deal. And all the while he was taking a beating in the press by Republicans and Republican Goose-stepping Pundits.

As Nikki Haley told us last week in her response to the State of the Union speech, we shouldn’t be listening to loudest voices. Sometimes it’s the calm voice, the quiet voice that gets things done.

And remember, those loud voices trying to take down the president offered really one solution, and one solution only: war. Like another war would help anything.

So again I’ll say it … Thanks Obama.


the dogs' mother said...

Thought it interesting that the 7 Iranians released in the USA are choosing to stay here.

Mark Covington said...

If you truly believe that Iran is going to voluntarily disarm then I have a ski lodge in Boca Raton I'd like to sell you.