Thursday, January 21, 2016

Random Musings

Last week everyone, well, not everyone, was mourning the loss of David Bowie. I, personally, wasn’t a Bowie fan, but did admire the way he pushed social boundaries and ideas about sex and sexual orientation, as well as music.

This week we lost Glenn Frey; The Eagle’s Glenn Frey. Growing up in California, The Eagles were one of those bands I always listened to … and it didn’t hurt that they started out as The Stone Poneys, the backing band for Linda Ronstadt who I love.

The Eagles and Ronstadt were that mix of Country Rock that lived for a time Out West and I remember all those songs … I was less a fan of Frey’s non-Eagles work …as a part of my youth.

This song was particularly a favorite …
I smell desperation …

Jeb Bush now campaigning on Hillary Clinton’s win over Donald [t]Rump. He features a new ad that shows November 8, 2016 as the day Hillary Clinton beats Donald [t]Rump and the GOP loses the White House.

I call it the Feel Good Campaign Ad of the Year!
New BBC America show … starting tonight.

London Spy is the tale of a chance romance between two people from two different walks of life — one, a closeted gay man — is an investment banker, while the other is an openly gay man from a world of clubbing and excess.

Their love story unravels one night when the banker disappears under suspicious circumstances, exposing his real identity as a spy and forcing his lover to find out the truth.
Spectre cutie Ben Whishaw [right] is one half of the romance, while newcomer Edward Holcroft [left] plays the spy.

The show also stars the amazing Jim Broadbent and the fabulous Charlotte Rampling, but it’s those cute lead actors ….
Carlos: [couch cough sneeze throat clear sneeze cough] "You gabe me your code!"

Bob: "I know. That's how it works."

Carlos: [wheeze sneeze cough] "Whaddazat mean?"

Bob: [smiling] "We're married, sweetiepie. You get half of everything I have."
This made me Tweet: “Half-term endorses Half-Wit.”

And watching her — and, yes, for all of you, I watched — endorse [t]Rump for president in that variety show sequin jacket proved to me that all those old costumes that Cher wore on The Sonny and Cher Show are still around and that the Mama Grizzly Bore™ obviously bought some at auction.
A giant ISBL Bravo to Pure Pizza, up in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the note explaining their gender-neutral bathroom policy.

The note provides five simple bullet points to let all their customers know why they don’t offer gender-specific toilets.
Single Dads with daughters
Single Moms with sons
Parents with disabled children
Those in the LGBTQ community
Adults with aging parents who may be mentally/physically disabled

Pure Pizza instituted the unisex bathroom policy in August and the owner, Juli Metcalf, says they haven’t had any issues with peeping toms or molesters or anything deviant going on in the bathroom. It’s been just a safe, neutral place for our customers to come ... and, well, you know, go.

Charlotte isn’t so far from here, and I do love a good pizza, especially at such an all-inclusive pizzeria ….
So, on HGTV there’s a new show, Ellen’s Design Challenge, where a group of furniture designers compete for cash and fame.

Some are way outside the box, and kinda crazy, while others are inventive. Some, though are kinda fine, as are the carpenters who assist them.

And so we have, clockwise from the top left, Sef Pinney — his real name and, no, apparently he isn’t gay; followed by beefy carpenter Matt Muenster and California Boy carpenter Stephen Zimpel, and lastly designer Bradley Bowers — quite gay — who made the winning bed last week.

So, it’s design and men, two of my favorite things …
Are we surprised? Not really, but “Fair and Balanced” Fox News devoted roughly three hours to promoting the release of Michael Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, a movie about the 2012 attacks on diplomatic facilities in Libya, praising the film, repeatedly characterizing the movie as a threat to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and hyping several debunked myths about the Benghazi terror attacks. 

More than half of the network’s 32 segments focused on falsehoods about the State Department and Obama administration’s responses to the attacks, and nearly 60 percent of the segments linked the movie to Clinton’s 2016 bid for the White House.

And this is news??


the dogs' mother said...

You are a braver soul than I. I watched the endorsement speech with the sound off and relied on Twitter for the content.
The news is mentioning the Carolinas in the Storm of The Century reporting and the word *ice*. Crossing fingers for you and Carlos. Stay safe and warm!

mistress maddie said...

Thanks for the heads up on that new BBC show, it's sounds very interesting doesn't it? I would have forgot that was on. I relish the day, if ever Fox news goes under.

Anonymous said...

London Spy has been and gone here. Will be interested to read what people think of it.

anne marie in philly said...

"We're married, sweetiepie. You get half of everything I have." - bwhahahahahahaha! so true! hope carlos feels better soon.

Will J said...

"...peaceful sleazy feeling..."

Raybeard said...

Maybe I ought to be ashamed to admit it, but when the name 'Glenn Frey' was plastered over all our news bulletins a couple of days ago, my reaction was "Who?"

And Ben W. popping up yet AGAIN?!! (in 'London Spy') Stone me! Doesn't that little hottie have anything better to do than to fill up our screens whichever way we look?

Helen Lashbrook said...

Did Bill O'Reilly write the screenplay for 13 Hours? If so that guarantees it will be full of lies and half-baked rubbish