Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Strauss Apartment

French apartments are known to be chic, and elegant, and sometimes very old, and sometimes very small.

This one is all that, except for the really small bit. At just over 1200 square feet this apartment in Strasbourg, France is roomy, elegant, sophisticated, old-fashioned and modern.

The architects wanted a functionally comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing residence, while preserving the authentic elements of the apartment. They did this by something as simple as paint choices; new elements are in darker shades and the antique elements remain white.

Adjustments made in the main rooms were few, except for open passage from the living room to the room with the fireplace. And the bathroom was changed into an actual room, not just a small closet, with lots of light, a luxurious bathtub, a place to sit down and a balcony perfect for cooling down after a hot bath.

It seems to perfectly meld the old and the new, the elegant and the modern.

Plus, you know, it’s French.


mistress maddie said...

Just like I like my, chic and lots of personality. I'm ready to move in!!!! Apartment living is for me!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Such a charming little place in the city. I'll take it (or just the floors... and the gold chair and ottoman... and...

MarcioWilges said...

I love how this house is modern yet classic at the same time. I'm starting to see a lot more homes designed this way when we do removals in Sydney.