Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sweaty Balls? Have I Got The Thing For You!

Gentlemen, I ask you, how many times have you been enjoying a lovely meal with your partner, spouse, husband, boyfriend, and even, for some of you, girlfriend, and felt the trickle of sweat in your, ahem, nether regions.

I’m talking sweaty balls, fellas. And don’t be shy. At one time or another we’ve all been subject to a high level of moisture, unwanted moisture, at an inappropriate time, down there. So, rest easy men, there’s a solution for you ….

Nadkins. Handi-wipes for your nads … testicles … sweaty balls.

Nadkins were launched last week as a freshening wet wipes for the male genitals, specifically the testicles, and they are akin to another aptly named product marketed towards women called, and this is seriously no joke, Google it ,,, Healthy Hoohoo.

Nadkins are a luxurious quick-fix for the guy who needs a little midday upkeep session but is just too darn busy to stop off at home and shower. And, the wipes are 100 percent natural and non-toxic … thank the goddess for that because, man oh man, the burning … and use a mixture of fancy ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and grapefruit essence to keep things pleasant down south.

Not to brag, but I’ve often been told I have grapefruit-sized  balls and now they can smell like it, too.

You can buy a 10-pack for $12.50, three 10-packs for the bargain price of $30 or a subscription for $11.50 available on Nadkins.com today! And, if you don't believe it, the company's mission statement is:
If they're happy, you're happy.
Just think, no more sweaty balls. It really is a New Day.


the dogs' mother said...

oh, gawd! Please don't let them advertise in TV!! ;-)

Bob Slatten said...


anne marie in philly said...

"healthy hoohoo"? SRSLY?

I will google when I get home.

Toni said...

OMG, I need to invest in a truckload of those. The summer temperatures in Shasta County are above 100 for a major part of the late spring, summer and early autumn. I could make a little lemonade-ish stand at the park and sell them. I'll be rich!

mistress maddie said...

Lol lol lol!!!! Not to be tmi, but I never leave home with my travel size moist towelettes. I even keep some at work. I appreciate a fresh feeling.

Sadie J said...

I wish they had launched before Christmas. What a great gag-gift--or stocking stuffer!

Mitchell is Moving said...

This is hilarious. I wonder if they could even advertise on American TV. Here, they'd have "a ball" with it on TV!

Although Nadkins (nads and napkins) might have to be changed to Cojonevilletas (cojones and servilletas). But I love the smell of grapefruits and am always sticking my nose close when there are any around. Might that be a problem?

Also, I am so grateful for the mention of "Healthy Hoohoo." I have a friend with a son and daughter (now grown). She would refer to their "parts" as a woowoo and a hoohoo. I could never remember which was which. Now I know!