Monday, January 25, 2016

One Faith, Two Sides.

It’s kinda odd to see one faith moving into the future, while other branches of that same faith are dragging their heels and threatening to punish the, um, for lack of a better word, more enlightened among the faithful, but that’s the Episcopal Church these days.

It all began back in 2003, when the United States Episcopal Church consecrated the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson,

And it was good. But then, church conservatives, led by Anglican leaders in Africa, called for penalizing the U.S. church causing many Episcopalians to leave and form their own alternative church, the Anglican Church. 

And it was good. But then the rift between the past and future widened further when the United States Episcopal Church decided to join the rest of us in the 21st century and accept marriage equality.

And it got better, too, when the top Episcopal legislative body — the General Convention — voted overwhelmingly to authorize same-sex marriage ceremonies in church.

And it was good, until ... This week; in response to progress, Anglican leaders have decided it was best to bitch rather than follow, and stripped the Episcopal Church of any role in deciding doctrine or determining how the Anglican Communion operates for three years.

So, now the Episcopal Church is being treated like the bad kid, forced to sit in the corner and watch the rest of the church have fun discriminating against The Gays and not being able to say anything.

So, what did the naughty church do? Well, they, and so what did that naughty Episcopal Church do? Presiding Bishop Michael Curry opted to play hardball and announced that the U.S. Episcopal Church will not roll back its acceptance of same-sex marriage and revert back to a doctrine of homophobia, no matter what the bigwigs do:

“They heard from me directly that that’s not something that we’re considering. They basically understand we made our decision, and this is who we are, and we’re committed to being a house of prayer for all.” — Bishop Michael Curry
It appears that while the U.S. Episcopal Church understands the teachings of God ... that God is Love ... the rest of the church flounders in the past, the Dark Ages, if you will, and keeps piling on the hate …

… because God; or so they believe.


the dogs' mother said...

Good for them :-)

anne marie in philly said...

get up, stand up, for your rights to love all, serve all!

Linda said...

Excellent post.. Sorry the situation is what it is but I enjoyed what you had to say about it. Very well written.

Raybeard said...

As happens time and time again, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in trying to come to a position which is intended to be accepted by all, comes up with a 'compromise' which pleases no one. Pathetic, as always.

Toni said...

Very sad that so many choose to live in rigid boxes and black and white.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Sadly the Anglican church is being driven, in this issue, by the almost evil anti-homosexual priests in Africa. Their illiberal stance should be disowned by the Church of England and thrown out with the rubbish. The Archbish, despite being an old Etonian, has done some good stuff for the poor; he should now stand up for equality for all.

"Tommy" said...

Good Afternoon, just wanted you to know I added you to my blog roll, and cited your blog in an entry of mine today. Thanks for sharing your life.