Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alabama's Gay Hatin' Justice Roy Moore Has An Agenda ....

Roy Moore, that wacknut Alabama State Supreme Court Chief Justice has put on his anti-gay hat again last week and ordered all probate judges in the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples because … gay. But maybe he has a bigger agenda than just being a hater and a homophobe who cannot obey the law of the land.

Moore first came to the national news spotlight back in 2001 when, after being elected Alabama State Supreme Court Chief Justice, he commissioned a 5,280 pound granite monument of the Ten Commandments and placed it in front of the State Supreme Court building.

He was ordered to remove it — that whole Separation of Church and State thing — but refused; he fought the battle, twice, in federal court and lost yet he still refused to remove the monument. So Roy Moore was removed from office by the only means possible: the Alabama Court of the Judiciary ruled "Chief Justice Moore has violated the Alabama Canons of Judicial Ethics."

So he was out … but not for long, because the good, er, not-so-good, people of Alabama reelected him as their State Supreme Court Chief Justice in 2012 where he took his hatred of The Gays on full steam.

The bad news? Despite his attacks on the rights of same-sex couples in Alabama, despite his failure to follow the rule of law enacted by the United States Supreme Court, Roy Moore cannot be impeached.

The good news? When his current six-year term expires in 2018, Moore will be 71 years old, and over the legal age limit to run again.

Oh, dear, whatever will become of him? According to Michele Gerlach, the publisher of a local Alabama newspaper, The Andalusia Star-News:
"Roy Moore is running for governor."
Alabama's current governor, Robert Bentley, is on his second term, and thanks to term limits, cannot run again when his term ends in November 2018, making it the perfect time for a man who does not understand the law, a man who takes the law and twists it for his own personal reasons, to run for governor.

So, is that your fate, Alabama? You’ll elect the former wacknut justice on your Supreme Court, who was removed from office for trying to mash his religion with the law, and give him even more power as your governor?

Is that what you want, Alabama? You want crazy in charge?


Mitchell is Moving said...

I once found a metal road sign in an antique shop. I'm sure it wasn't a real antique but I bought it because it read, "Welcome to Mississippi. At least it's not Alabama." I gave it to my cousin in Norway. She hammered nail holes in it to look like bullet holes, and she hung it in her family room.

the dogs' mother said...

2016 just got even more complicated.

Joe said...

Two quick things, first, Moore put the monument inside the state judicial building not in front. In fact it was too heavy and damaged the floor. He is a complete ass on many levels. Second, I don't think Moore can win as governor. The only reason he won Chief Justice is because no one knows what the hell they vote for when they vote for judges and the position has been held by clowns since Howell Heflin left the post to become a Senator. Moore might believe that Senator Shelby may retire and he can run for the US Senate, but governor is not something he stands much of a chance with. He's run before and got laughed right out of the race, so he ran for Chief Justice and the idiots of my former home state reelected him. Alabama is a sad place for politics these days. It was better when everyone recognized that the politicians were crooks and kooks, but it's become the norm so much that they can't recognize the idiocy anymore. Sorry, I guess that wasn't two quick things but a bit more.

anne marie in philly said...

asshat of the month here; the right-wing nutjob is strong with this one.