Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tracy Thorne-Begland Gets The Job

Tracy Thorne-Begland

In spite of the Virginia Assembly’s rejection of his nomination—and Pissy Little Bobby Marshall’s stomping and seeing—last week Richmond Circuit Court judges appointed Tracy Thorne-Begland’s , an openly gay prosecutor, to the bench.
Take that Pissy Bobby Marshall. [see original post HERE]
Thorne-Begland’s appointment to the city’s General District Court immediately revived one of the most heated issues of the legislative season and promised to incite even more controversy next year, when legislators will have the chance to undo the temporary appointment.
The move was hailed by gay rights supporters and some conservatives, including Governor Robert McDonnell—who was agin it before he was afer it--who once questioned whether gays who are :::gasp::: sexually active could serve as judges because they had broken Virginia’s now-invalidated anti-sodomy statute.
“The Governor believes Mr. Thorne-Begland is well-qualified to serve on the bench,” McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin said. “He congratulates him on the appointment.”
But the appointment enraged Delegate Robert Marshall—AKA Pissy Bobby—who stood side-by0side with hate group, the Family Foundation of Virginia, to persuade the General Assembly to reject Thorne-Begland’s nomination.
“I think it’s highly imprudent and arrogant on their part,” Pissy said. “I hope Virginia understands what’s going on here: They’re contesting the authority of the General Assembly. . . . This is an act of defiance on their part. When appointed officials get in fights with elected officials, they invariably lose.”
Tracy Thorne-Begland issued a statement which said, “I am humbled by the Circuit Court’s decision. I look forward to serving the citizens of the City of Richmond as a jurist, and over the coming months, I hope that my service provides comfort to all Virginians that I remain committed to the faithful application of the laws and Constitutions of Virginia and the United States of America.”
Um, and that’s his job, Pissy Bobby.
The appointment came after leaders of Richmond’s five largest law firms urged the Circuit Court appoint Thorne-Begland to the bench, and on the same day that the Richmond Times-Dispatch published a letter that Republican delegate, Richard Morris, sent to his caucus, saying that he had dropped his opposition to Thorne-Begland.
Well, at least one Virginia Republican has his head screwed on, for lack of a better word, straight.
It was last month that the General Assembly blocked Thorne-Begland’s appointment in General District Court saying they objected to Thorne-Begland, not because of his sexual orientation, but because of his outspokenness on the subject of gay rights.
You know, he’s one of those queers that likes to speak up instead of staying in a closet and not disturbing the normal folk.
Pissy Bobby Marshall
And Pissy Bobby Marshall, in his, I think, self-loathing closeted homosexual, rampage against Thorne-Begland’s appointment, actually compared him to a polygamist, and said that because Virginia does not recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions, Thorne-Begland’s “life [is] a contradiction to the requirement of submission to the constitution.”
I think Pissy Bobby protests too much.
And, well, as much as the appointment of Thorne-Begland makes me happy, and, well, as much as I like to see asshats take a tumble, I can also gleefully report that Pissy Bobby Marshall lost the Republican primary for the US to former governor George Allen.
And he tried to use the  Thorne-Begland  issue against Allen, who said sexual orientation should not be a factor in selecting judges.
Which means the people of Virginia deserve a little LGBT Hallelujah for not drinking the Pissy Bobby Hate Kool-Aid.
Still, the fight is not over for Tracy Thorne-Begland. He will have another fight for a vote in the General Assembly. Last time he needed 51 votes to win appointment and received just 33.
Hopefully next time, saner, less pissy heads will prevail.
But not Pissy Bobby Marshall he says if Thorne-Begland was engaged in homosexual sex while in the military, he’s guilty of a felony “Sodomy is still a felony under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, today, as we speak.”
Funny, Pissy Bobby is a little obsessed with how much gay sex Tracy Thorne-Begland may, or may not, have had.


the dogs mother said...

This retroactive obsession is very strange - you can spin it out for all sorts of stuff and it doesn't hold up. Bad laws are, and were, bad law.

Wonder Man said...

it's time for Bob to get out

Biki said...

Your right, right, right, Mr Pissy Pants is way to obsessed over the sex Mr. Thorne-Begland is having.

Peter said...

Shouldn't it be that he's good in his line of work, instead of who he's sleeping with?!

How many judges are now going to whores or have an extramarital relationship, or two, three... but THEY can be good judges?