Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Architecture Wednesday: Creekside

You know, I love architecture, hence, of course, these weekly postings. And I love all forms, from residential to commercial. I find something I like in each and every home I post. But this home has just about everything I would want, and is in a place I would want to live. 
The Creekside Residence, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, is located in Woodside, California, just outside San Mateo, south of San Francisco and on the bay. So it's a hop, skip and Pride parade from the city, and close enough to wine country for day tripping. In other words: perfection.
And it sits in its own natural world. The house is in a meadow completely surrounded by western oaks, Douglas fir, and aromatic bays that border two creeks that never meet, so the architects focused their home design plan around the surrounding landscape creating cantilevered roofs and rooms with views to the environment beyond. 
The entry drive passes a pair of small outbuildings and leads to the meadow where the main house is arrayed along its southern and western edges. Designed for a couple and their two children--or for a couple of queens with their four cats and a small, somewhat inconsequential dog--the house displays their collection of modern art and mid-century furniture.
I'd ask that it come furnished when I win the Lottery and make my offer.
A glass pavilion with dining and living areas sits in the meadow, its cantilevered roof floats past the window wall, drawing one’s eye to the landscape beyond.
Cedar boxes house kitchen and sleeping spaces and contrast with the pavilion’s transparent nature. Slipping into the pavilion is a library—a tall Douglas fir cabinet of book shelves with a great fireplace surrounded by glazing facing a forested glade. 
It just screams wine and books and, well, perhaps a little live performance by Adele around a baby grand?
The bedroom spaces, forming the north wing, are connected by a hallway of shifting angles, reminiscent of an alley in an old village and the random nature of the original outbuildings.
Its stone and glass and wood, inside and out. It's peaceful and serene and perfect for me and my family.
Are you listening universe?
Plus, the house received a 2009 Honor Award for Design AIA Pennsylvania and a 2009 Wood Design Honor Award. So it's an award winner, too.
All the better.
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 And a floor- and site-plan for you other architecture junkies like myself:
via HomeDSGN


Wonder Man said...

That would be so neat to live in

R.J. said...

A floor plan, too? Oh, if only lots in The Sims 3 were big enough for me to recreate this in the game.

I know I'm nitpicking here but the only thing that doesn't make it perfect is the flooring and walls wash out. I'd use a darker wood on one or the other to make it stand out even more. Otherwise, I need to buy a Lotto ticket for Friday night's draw so I can win and put in an unsolicited offer to buy it.

mistress maddie said...

Now this would be the perfect house for me to put on my re-enactment of myself playing Laura Ingalls Wilder! And the shower would be where I seduce my blind sisiters habba ,habba, husband!