Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Musings

Okay, so I don't suffer fools very well, so I’ll be keeping my distance from Ohio and one Jim Fletchner of Ohio, AKA the Buckeye State.
See, Jim Fletchner wants Ohio to stop calling itself the buckeye State because, well, let's hear his reasoning straight from the horse's other end: 
“The buckeye is our state tree and most of us gladly wear the nickname, “buckeyes.” But it is shameful and unacceptable that a bisexual tree should represent us! We are flaunting the Holy Bible!
I urge everyone to contact their state representative and demand legislation removing the buckeye as our state tree and condemning the use of the term “buckeye” as a nickname for residents of Ohio.”
Perhaps Jim could move to whichever state is this week's Douchenozzle State?

I caught a little of Duets last night, which is ABC's entry into the world of American Idol, like CBS' The Voice, and NBC's America's Got Talent and so on and so on.
I really only watched because I loves me some Kelly Clarkson and any chance I get to hear her sing I'll take it.
And, of course she didn't disappoint.
Not so, was Robin Thicke, with his smaltzy, smarmy, so oily and slick I took a shower after he spoke, personality.
He doesn't have the It Factor, he has the Ick factor.

Let's talk the Twilight movies. It'll be a brief discussion because I haven’t seen them. Well, to be fair, I saw about ten minutes of the first one but the actors were so gloomy and morose, and so obviously full of their gloomy moroseness, that I lasted about ten minutes.
I saw about five minutes of the second one but then got muddled down by the sheer awesomeness of Kristen Stewart’s talent for playing a piece of driftwood that I simply had to turn it off.
Which is all the more reason that this new "list" from Forbes, in which Kristen Stewart is named the highest paid piece of wood in Hollywood makes me ill.
Seriously? Pouting is worth $34.5 million? I wish I’d known that when I was six and thought I'd perfected the art of the pout.
Kristen Stewart. Acting.

So, over a year ago--February 2011--I posted the story of a gay couple who were getting civilly united and wanted to have a reception at a nice venue. But two of the places they contacted refused to rent to them because they were gay. [Original post HERE]
Imagine my surprise when, this week, I received a comment from an Anonymous reader:
Anonymous said:To the couple who are sueing: I know you are mad, but I feel the same way as the owners, it would go against my religious beliefs to know that I was hosting something or that I was condoning something that I believe is sinful, to happen at my place. This is a matter of holding to our convictions, not discriminating. The Bible is real and very true, and if you fail to see that homosexuality is against the Bible, and therefore should be against all Christians' morals, then you are deceiving yourself. This is a black and white issue. Jim was going with his religious beliefs and trying to make you see this. That's what Jesus would do. 
First off, it's "suing" not sueing. Just letting you know. Spelling is important, because, while what you are saying is moronic, when you misspell words it makes you look even more ignorant.
Second off, as a public business they cannot discriminate. I mean, what if I call myself an atheist and a Christian couple wants to rent my space? Wouldn't you just be seething because I refused to rent to them? It's the same thing, Anon. Pay.Attention. It's discrimination, It’s wrong, and maybe when it's done to you you'll understand.
Third, the venue wasn't hosting the event, they were renting space. The gay couple is the host.
Fourth, does every business condone the customers who frequent the business? No.
Fifthly, Jesus says NOTHING about homosexuality in the Bible. In fact, there are some 362 admonitions for straight people in the Bible and just 6 for gay folks, so, really, the Bible is quite LGBT-friendly.
Lastly? Um, what would Jesus do? Close his doors? Turn his back on anyone? Perhaps you need to re-read that particular history book from which you love to spout your hate and see that Jesus didn't turn his back on anyone. He refused no one.

Alec Baldwin has gone all pissy and pushy and shove-y again. The man has such anger issues, and is in such denial because every time he gets nailed for being a total ass he blames everyone else.
Like when he went off on his daughter on the blamed his ex-wife for ALLEGEDLY releasing it.
Or, like when he punched a photographer right after his daughter was born and then said the guy was trespassing....from the other side of the street from Baldwin's house.
Or the time he was asked to turn his phone off on a plane and it was the flight attendants fault because she was....she was....oh yeah, following FAA rules.
Now he's punched another photographer because the photographer got too close.
Note to Baldwin: we all know you have anger issues. We all know the paparazzi makes a lot of money capturing celebrates in less than desirable photos. So, knowing this, doesn't it make more sense for you to just walk away rather than give them the option of snapping a picture of you lunging at a cowering man?
Or, maybe you just like the press, because the next day you were on the streets of New York wearing a binky over your head.
Grow the fuck up or just stay home.

I was watching Joy Behar on Current TV this week and she had on Dr. Mark Lamont Hill for a discussion of racism in this country. He is possibly one of the smartest men out there and yet, the shallow Bob, who really runs the show up in here, just couldn't get past the fact that he is unbelievably hot.
Hot. Smart. And a doct-ah!
Three of my favorite things.


the dogs mother said...

Abby wants us to talk to the pine tree. It harbors squirrel fornication all the time.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Who is this pervert who wants to remove the Buckeye from Ohio because its bi-sexual? What a dip shit!

Debbie said...

Okay, maybe I'm not up on gay vernacular but wtf does a buckeye tree have to do with being gay? Seriously, I don't get it.

Once again you made me laugh out loud ... Kristin Stewart = driftwood LOL. OMG you are sooooo bad but I love it. And I saw Robin Thicke perform at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. (the tickets were free) ... and I don't get him.

Alec Baldwin can always make me laugh ... he is so funny but he does have some serious anger issues. And btw, what the hell ever happened to Kim Basinger? She was so hot back in the day. She just sorta disappeared.


Sean said...

Driftwood is why I couldn't and wouldn't pay to see Snow White and the Huntsman.

Wonder Man said...

Snow White was good

S'A said...

My daughter, who isn't a Stewart fan, saw Snow White and the Huntsman and said she did a passable job. I'll try to be nice and say that maybe the wooden performance she gave in the Twilight movies had more to do with the writing than her acting. I watched the first one, couldn't make myself watch the rest of 'em.

Joy said...

Duets: Jennifer Nettles is great on there! Maybe it's her career in a duo, but she brings out the best in her "mentees" and can sing anything. I like Sugarland but didn't know the extent of her talent. Kelly Clarkson, yes. Both women are the best on there. So agree with you about Robin Thicke. Ugh! Creepy. John Legend does OK. One of Jennifer's singers will win. Probably Jay Rome (if that's how his name is spelled). The other guy from Jennifer's hometown is really good, too.