Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Musings

Programming note:
Tomorrow we are off to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill because Carlos has been asked to speak--again--to a group of AP high school Seniors from around the country on HIV/AIDS.
And I wouldn't miss that for nuthin'.
I have some preplanned stuff, but commenting on other blogs will be minimal or non-existent.
Y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Note to Ann Curry: I blame Matt.
Note to Barbara Walters: Get off! Now!

Okay, so I posted about the Lesbian couple who was looking for a reception hall to rent in Moline, Illinois and was turned away from The University Club because bar manager, and owner’s wife, Kristen Stewart, doesn't like The Gays. [see post HERE]
Well, then Kristen's husband, Perry, came forward and said his wife's views were not those of the club and that he'd be happy for The Gays to rent his club--it's a tough economy, y'all.
Now comes word that Kristen Stewart has resigned after her decision not to allow that gay couple to rent the club.
Good news.

Note to Bravo: Around The World In 80 Plates? I was done after the first dish.

Um, is it me, or does anyone else remember how the GOP blamed President Obama when gas prices rose a couple of months back.
'Memba how they said that we should vote him out of office because he couldn't keep the prices down?
Yeah, now the prices are down, so, if we are to take the GOP's word as gospel--and lawdy lawdy lawdy the GOP does loves some gospel--then the recent falling gas prices are also President Obama's fault.
And, well, then, we should vote to keep him in office, right?
GOP? Isn't that how it works? prices up, blame Obama? Prices down, crickets?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
GOP pandering.

Brief note, because there's gonna be all sorts of blogging about it: The individual mandate upheld by the Supreme Court. I ♥ Obamacare. And. well, even after the Corporations are people bull shit, I ♥ The Supremes.
Oh, and I ♥ this:

Note to Lifetime: Pop that Blister. Blister Palin, I mean.

Yeah, around the first of June I was suddenly overcome with this enormous sense of Pride and I don't know why. But now, as the month draws to a close that feeling is dissipating.
What gives?
Oh. June. LGBT Pride month.
Well, not here in South Carolina because we are so behind the times that our Pride month comes in September. They say it's because it's too hot here in June, but when we lived in Florida--well June's temperatures are like those of the sun....or Hell--we still had Pride in June.
But I digress.
I always get a little annoyed at being told I'm supposed to have Gay Pride, whether in June or any other month. I mean, am I supposed to be "proud" of being gay, because, well, I'm not.
What I'm saying is this: I was born this way. so, well, Pride at being born this way is kinda silly, I think. I mean, I was born with blue eyes--and they are fabulously blue, or so I’ve been told--but am I proud of my blues eyes? Of being over six feet tall? Nope, because I really had nothing to do with all that. it's all part of the package: tall, blue-eyed gay man.
But, as I got to pondering, like I tend to do, I realized my Pride is not in being gay, but being out.
See, that’s the difference. I am not hiding and haven't been for many years. And I am proud to live my life openly and honestly--something straight folks have been doing for eons--as a gay man.
I am proud that Carlos and I are a gay couple that doesn’t care who knows it; the checkers at Kroger? They know, because when we don't do our shopping together, they inevitably ask, "Where's your partner this week?" And so does the saleswoman at HHGregg who sold us our dishwasher and laughed when Carlos said I make all the household decisions about style and such. So do people in restaurants and movie theaters and, well, everywhere, because we don't hide it, or shield it or do anything other than letting people know that we are a couple.
Legally recognized by this country, or not.?
And that's nice. Nice that we're just another couple doing our groceries and living our lives and we just happen to be two men.
In the South.
South Carolina.
A Red state.
In the Bible Belt.
So, am I proud of being gay? Not so much. But I swell with pride as I wander though this life letting people know that I am openly gay.
And that's worth a month-long celebration, even if it does come in September.


the dogs mother said...

I was surprised to find I really like Around the World in 80 Plates! I like the treasure hunts because you see so much of the country and the markets and food history. I'm worried Nookie may not survive another run thru the next country but the man keeps hanging in there.
I don't like the voting each other off the island - I'd rather the hosts do that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about Pride in September.

One benefit to living where I do is that I can hit Boston, Providence and NYC Pride in the space of three weeks.

This year it was just Providence and NYC though.

And the more I think about it, I could do Hartford for CT Pride too but that one just falls off the radar for some reason.

Ron said...


I'll have what you're having.


Tivo Mom said...

Have fun in Chapel Hill, my alma mater is in Raleigh. I think that I would be proud of the fact that you live in SC and have a normal couples life with little drama (at least I assume you have very little drama). I too have enjoyed Around the world..but I think it is because I love Curtis Stone.

S'A said...

I love the way you see things!

designing wally said...

Bullshit not thyself;
To thine own self be true;
Honesty is the best policy.....

The only sad thing about your attitude (which has always been mine as well), is the death of Kamp....

Culturally devastating, but, most likely a necessary sacrifice for the young'ns to attain the respect that they deserve...

"I had a dream...."

Mitchell is Moving said...

I'm PROUD of Carlos... and I'm proud of you. Hope you have a great weekend.

Sean said...

I couldn't make it through one episode of 80 plates. Curtis Stone is so pleasing to the eyes and ears but I find his hosting to be as dull as dishwater.