Friday, June 29, 2012

I Didn't Say It....

Matt Bomer, my Husband-In-My-Head, on stripping for women in Magic Mike:
"Channing told me, 'You have to use the stretcher and just get up on this girl and grind your junk in her face. But this girl was not going to just sit there and be ground upon. She started licking me in all kinds of special places and we just kept going…It was one of those situations where you were in an environment where moral parameters are not the same as they are if you're doing a political drama. You just sort of have to say yes to everything and embrace it."

As Carlos said, while watching Hugh Jackman, and his Huge Ackman, kiss his wife at The Tony’s: Lucky bitch.
Seriously. Why.Couldn’t.That.Have.Been.Me!

Adam Lambert, on being a gay role model:
"At the beginning I was a little bit like, 'I don't know what to say, I don't know how to be that role model,' even though all of a sudden people are telling me I am. One of the things I find very gratifying now is that I have grown a lot more comfortable with my position and I'm embracing the opportunity to be able to address this stuff through music...In so many cases, I find myself saying, I wanna be the really nice down-to-earth guy who happens to be gay in order to set an example that it's not threatening. Then there's another part of me that's like, no I wanna be fierce and ... do whatever I want because I'm a rebel. I have that battle inside of me. I know a lot of people do."

I think just coming out and living your life as an openly gay, unapologetically gay, normal guy is being a role model.
It shows not only other gay people that it’s just fine and dandy to be out, it also shows straight people that gay folks are normal, and weird, and odd and different; just like straight people.

John Fugelsang, on the Cheney's and daughter Mary's lesbian wedding:
"So on behalf of all the progressives in America, Cheney family, allow me to say, “You’re welcome. Because while Dick Cheney’s party spent decades calling people like Mary deviant or unnatural, the liberals were fighting for her. When Karl Rove made same-sex marriage a wedge issue to divide Americans in the 2004 election, liberals were writing the checks to defeat that homophobic agenda. And when Fox News spent hundreds of hours lying about people like Mary Cheney and calling them a threat to traditional marriage, the very people Mary’s dad so deeply despises were the ones standing up for her liberty. So you’re welcome, Cheneys, we were happy to do it."

Isn’t it funny that the GOP and its Band of Homophobes have been silent about Mary Cheney’s wedding, but they seem to get their panties in a twist over every gay Democrat who gets married?

Pablo Monroy, a 24-year-old Navy vet, on asking his partner to marry him:
“Even when I was growing up I wanted to get married, settle down, have a family...white picket fence. And even after I realized I was gay I still wanted that, with whoever [sic] I loved.”

Of course you wanted that. We all grow up wanting the same things; some of us to be married, some of us not. But the fact is that it shouldn’t be different because you’re gay.
It’s all about being equal, man.

George Takei, former Boy Scout, on the Boy Scouts of America:  
“Some of my best memories from my boyhood are of my scouting days. I played bass bugle in our troop’s drum and bugle corps. We marched in Fourth of July parades. We learned teamwork and brotherhood from camping together. The Boy Scouts built my character. As an adult, I was shocked and deeply disappointed to learn that the Scouts discriminate against LGBT people. This is contrary to the ideals of equality and fair play that I hold dear. The Boy Scouts must change.”

I was never a Boy Scout. I was a Cub Scout and I loathed it.
Camping? Honey, there is no room service! But I digress.
The BSA needs to change, and the change will come from pressure of both former Boy Scouts and current Boy Scouts.
Inclusiveness is the way to be.

Debra Messing, making a joke at a Trevor project event:
"I'd be devastated if my son grows up to be a hetero (sexual). As a parent you just envision a certain life for your child. I mean, if he's straight, think of all the fabulous things he's going to miss out on!" 

You’re preachin’ to the choir, Grace, er, Debra.
But, you know, we gays love our straights and we’ll help your son discover what’s fabulous in life, even if his sexual orientation is straight.
I mean, if we were all gay, wouldn’t life be a little dull?
Oh, who am I kidding: Life would be faaaaaaabulous!

Madeline Rogero, mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, celebrating Pride and taking jabs at Stacey Campfield's "Don't Say Gay" bill:
"I have purposely and strategically put together a very diverse and inclusive leadership team and with City Council we have begun to tackle these issues head on. That's why in April I announced a non-discrimination ordinance that would ensure that the city did not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I am so very proud that our City council passed that with a vote of 9-0. In our City Hall, it's okay to say gay."

Maybe there is hope for Tennessee yet, if they elect leaders like Rogero.
Hopefully her brand of understanding and acceptance and tolerance, and just good common sense and intelligence, will rub off on Tennessee.
Fingers crossed!

Basil Maglaris, Kraft's director of corporate affairs, on Pride Oreo:
"We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way. Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values. There has been a lot of buzz about the image, and it shows how relevant OREO is to people even after 100 years."



Becca said...

Oh YAY Knoxville! That makes me so happy to read. I grew up there, but don't necessarily follow the goings-on there as closely as I should. I'm so happy and encouraged to read the mayor's statement. Thanks for posting. There is still hope for Tennessee!!!

the dogs mother said...

So you are a secret Cookie Monster!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Adam Lambert is a gay role model? Get in line Adam. There are a whole lot more of us who have been doing it for a whole lot longer then you've been alive.

Anonymous said...

I was a scout - in not one troop but started in Troop 42 our of Pawtucket, RI and then transitioned over to Troop 13 in Providence, RI.

In all about 3 or 4 years. Then I turned 16, had a license and a car. You never saw me again after that.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Mostly very heart-warming... except the Scouts! Gotta love that Rainbow-stuff Oreo! And I thought Double-Stuff was good...

Wonder Man said...

you have to see Magic Mike

Tivo Mom said...

So bummed about your husband aka Matt Bomer's small part in Magic Mike. I love him and think he is so hot. There were some fabulous shots of him, just not enough. Just sayin