Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Musings

So, Carlos and I, well, mostly it was just me, were watching the Tony’s on Sunday, or as fabulously gay fabulous host NPH called it, Fifty Shades of Gay.
I’m a big theater queen; Carlos? Not so much. But he joined me for the awarding of a special Tony to Hugh Jackman, and his Huge Ackman, for his work with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. 
Jackman, during his old out one man show on Broadway, raised nearly $2 million dollars for the cause and was deserving of the special Tony.
But, awarding Huge, er, Hugh, his special Tony was his wife, Deborah, and, as he finished his speech, Jackman turned and kissed her.
I thought, Well, isn’t that sweet.
Carlos said, Lucky bitch.
And i agree.

Big news on the LGBT-front, and the marriage equality front.
Three state's democratic committees, from Montana, Wisconsin, and, wow, Texas, are adding planks to their manifestos coming out in support of same-sex marriage.
From Montana: “We support repealing Section7, Article 13 of the Montana Constitution. All adults should have the right to legally marry another adult of their choice regardless of sex or gender. We believe same-sex spouses should have the same legal benefits, protections and responsibilities granted to all those who marry”
From Texas: Texas Democrats join President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in calling for and affirming equal rights including marriage equality for all Americans. We, along with our President and Vice President, recognize that same sex marriages should be valid and legal in America. Texas Democrats support President Obama and the United States Justice Department in recognizing that the Federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and in refusing to defend DOMA in any Federal Court proceeding. We call for the total repeal of DOMA. 
From Wisconsin: Wisconsin Democrats are calling for marriage equality in their 2012 platform. The platform reads: “We support marriage equality for all couples.” Under party rules, each congressional district convention can forward 10 resolutions to the state convention and the resolutions adopted by delegates to the state convention form the basis of the party’s platform. The LGBT caucus sponsored the platform plank, working with county parties in several areas of the state to adopt a resolution calling for marriage equality.
Hopefully more states will follow the lead, and the DNC will do the same. Perhaps at the convention in Charlotte LGBT equality will finally be included.
It’s time.

Wow, the haters are turning on their pastor.
It seems that the Reverend Frederick Haynes III of the Friendship-West Baptist Church has come out against his blasted fellow pastors and members of his own congregation for their outrage at President Obama's endorsement of marriage equality.
Haynes shouted above the din of his congregation, who roared their disapproval at him:
"You should have seen preachers just scurrying and hurrying to call a conference call to call out the President for what he had declared as a personal opinion. He said it was a personal opinion. But whatever you like to ostracize other people it's because there's a fear that you have yourself, and the fear that you have finds itself rooted in an ignorance of other people. Or in a projection of your issues. Either there's ignorance or there is a projection of your issues...It really blows my mind how outraged you are. You are so outraged over what the President said. First of all, take a chill pill. Take a deep breath, everything's gonna be all right."
And then, for good measure, he added:
"Have you ever read the Gospel and heard Jesus say anything about homosexuality?...Black folk can't even deal with homosexuality because we got issues with sexuality. And because we got issues with sexuality we can't have a healthy discussion about homosexuality. Why, why do you get so upset?"
Finally a preacher willing to stand up and talk about what’s in the Bible and what isn’t. I serious hope some of his people were listening.

Okay, back when Janet Jackson had her infamous nipple slip at the Super Bowl, Madonna was especially condescending about what she saw as Jackson’s “need” to show a nip to prove herself relevant.
Cut to a few years later and Madge yanks down her bra at a concert in Istanbul to show her own titty.
Pot.Kettle.You’re no longer relevant.
And, looking at you, looking at your nipple, well, while I never saw this with my own eyes, it reminds me of a grandma looking at her own titty.
And it needs to stop.

Finally, 30 years later and the case is solved.
The dingo did eat her baby.
A Northern Territory coroner has found that the dingo was indeed responsible for the death of Azaria Chamberlain back in 1980. 
Coroner Elizabeth Morris told a packed courtroom this week that a dingo was to blame for the attack at Uluru, which originally saw Azaria’s mother Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton jailed for murder and her husband Michael given a suspended sentence for being an accessory after the fact. 
Case closed, eh?

In an effort to remain relevant herself, Celine Dion has done the unthinkable.
She has taken to covering Adele songs in her Las Vegas Revue.
Celine Dion. Adele. Oh, honey,
Seriously, Celine, you need to stop. Your over-the-top theatrics, your impression of yourself as the most amazing singer ever, has got to end.
You’re a lounge act, baby.
And I'd ask that you be on your best behavior. I am still gathering signatures to have you deported back to Canada for your decades long assault on my eardrums.
Consider yourself warned.

Even though the anti-equality sect in Washington has gathered enough signatures to place a hate vote on the ballot in Washington, I am not surprised to learn that some 1,000 signatures submitted as part of that petition to send Referendum 74 to voters are believed to be fraudulent.
What’s that? Haters cheat?
Secretary of State Sam Reed’s office confirmed Monday that at least 51 of the petition sheets containing about 1,000 signatures were found to be “apparently fraudulent.” The signatures did match the names of registered voters but the signatures did not match what was on file.
The sheets containing the fake signatures were turned in by the same person who was paid to collect signatures.
Go figure.
The sheets containing “bad signatures” will be turned over to the Washington State Patrol for a full investigation after all sheets are examined.
I say, since they have a cheater working for them, throw out all the signatures and make them start over.


the dogs mother said...

We are going to be the first state to approve equal rights for marriage when put to a vote. Maryland is welcome to join us.

Bill Dameron said...

Great round up Bob! Especially impressed by a pastor standing up for what is right!

Debbie said...

I hate Madonna. Who wants to see a 53 year old tit. UGH.