Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh Goddess, Let It Be True

Is it possible that two of my favorite things--Cher and Broadway--will become one?
Dare I dream?
Perhaps. According to Cher, she has three sides and all three will be featured in a musical that might be coming to Broadway.
i am already planning my pilgrimage.
Cher Tweeted: “Prod r trying 2 write musical now about my life with my music.” And then she added that she will help write the script because, “I was there and know the stories that no one knows but me!”
The  show would feature three important stages in Cher's life: the first part will be from before Cher met Sonny, and work through the Sonny and Cher Show years, while the second will be her life after Sonny and up through Believe, and the final section will be Cher today, with all new music.
“I hope it happens!” Cher added of the project. “It’s a VERY SLOW PROCESS! Been working on it quite a while now.”
And, as only Cher can she says she might take a role in the show, perhaps playing "old Cher."
That's funny. Everybody knows Cher never gets old.
This could be so great.
Me. Broadway. Cher.


David Dust said...

And then afterwards I'll take you to The Urges!


Wonder Man said...

I'm scared of this

www.DiatribesAndOvations.com said...

Um ... I dunno ... did you see "Burlesque"?