Friday, June 15, 2012

Just When You Thought Mittsy Couldn't Go Any Lower...

direct from the DailyKos because they say it best:
"So here's the Romney campaign's big comeback to the criticism of Mitt Romney's plan to layoff even more teachers, firefighters, police offers, and other government workers ... a video in which President Obama appears to cheer the fact that during his administration, hundreds of thousands of government workers have lost their jobs: 
Great comeback, right? Sure, it's great for Romney to have video of Obama hailing reductions in government payrolls ... or at least it would be if that's actually what he were saying.
You see, Romneyland edited this video, and left out the part where President Obama says the reduction in public sector employment was a bad thing—and blames it on Republicans who were (and still are) refusing to pass his jobs plan.
This really isn't a question of interpretation. It's a simple case of dishonesty. And it's not the kind of thing campaigns usually do.
Sure, you always have spin. You always position things to help win votes. And sometimes you make mistakes and get things wrong. But for the most part, campaigns don't lie as eagerly as Mitt Romney's did today and has done throughout the campaign.
The fact that Romney's campaign has been so dishonest is a real story in this campaign. The traditional media should tell it—before it's too late."
That's Mittsy; editing out the parts of an Obama speech that don't fit his narcissistic delusions about being president.
If someone will do and say anything, and outright lie about anything, does anyone really think they'll make a good president?

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