Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Architecture Wednesday: The Long Barn

I can't explain it, the reason I seem to love barns that turn into houses. Perhaps I was a farm animal in a previous life. Or, maybe I just like the clean modernity of an old barn brought back to life and repurposed to house human animals.
And this one is no exception.
This barn, in the UK, was built in 1860 and for almost all of that time it was used as grain storage. No farm animal smells in this gem. Now it's a very sleek and minimal four bedroom family home with a studio.
And great care was taken in creating something new out of something old. In fact, the new--the new house--was actually slid inside the the existing space, respecting the frame and roof of the original barn. Of course, to update it, and take advantage of the pastoral views, one end was opened up and glazed entirely in glass; it screams, Get a bottle of Oregon Pinot and a good book and just sit here all day long listening to Adele.
The house has open ceilings that invite one to gaze up into the rafters of the old barn, and let the inside open up to itself.
It used to house grain. Now it's all about serenity.
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R.J. said...

I love this. I'm building another modern home in The Sims and I'm doing a glass staircase now.

mistress maddie said...

This gives a whole new meaning to the stable boys delight!!!!!!

Wonder Man said...

very nice

Biki said...

While I usually love old barn make overs, some how to me it feels strangely souless.