Friday, June 15, 2012

Good News Friday: Governor Dayton And His Sons Fight For Marriage Equality

It's always nice to hear a politician, or anyone, for that matter, stand up for LGBT rights, but it's something else to see them actually out there working toward that goal.
Minnesota governor, Mark Dayton, along with his two sons, Eric and Andrew, are helping raise money to fight that proposed amendment to add discrimination to the Minnesota state Constitution by banning same-sex marriage.
Which, by the way, for right now, is already illegal in Minnesota.
But Dayton and his sons are working to get people out to vote 'No' on the amendment, which is scheduled to be on the November ballot. In fact, both Eric and Andrew say they will match donations to the group--Minnesotans United for All Families--that is urging that 'No' vote. They will match donations up to $200,000.
In an email, Eric and Andrew Dayton say: "It's simple: Committed, same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry. Together, we can contribute $400,000 toward Minnesotans United's efforts to protect that freedom."
What's that? Say it again, please: Committed, same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry.
Not to be outdone by his sons' efforts, the governor will host the First Ever MN Governor's Pride Reception next week.
Nice work, gentlemen.


the dogs mother said...

and they have nice dogs too.

Biki said...

Lovely! I sure hope the vote comes down on the our side. Its time we get some voter love.