Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh Mittsy, The Lies, The Lies, The Lies

I guess when you’re a flip-flopper, who changes your mind as often as you change your Magic underpants, who more often than not talks with a very expensive shoe in your mouth, the next step in your narcissistic need to be president is to lie.
Or, at least to get people to lie for you.
It seems that Mittsy Romney's presidential campaign asked Florida Governor Rick Scott to tone down his statements that heralded improvements in the state’s economy because they clash with the Mittsy’s message that the nation is suffering under Obama.
Yeah, so he'll have folks lie just to get into the White House.
In fact, Governor Rick Scott--and believe me, I am no fan of this GOP douchebag--has been instructed by Mittsy's people to say that Florida's jobless rate would improve "faster" under a Romney Regime. But this hair-brained scheme causes all sorts of troubles for Governor Scott, as well as governors in other swing states under GOP governors, like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Virginia, who have also been asked not to trumpet an improved economy. How do these governors take credit for making their states "better" at the same time they are saying Obama's policies have made it worse?
Tis a puzzlement.
And, the most amazing thing is, no one seems to be denying that it’s happening.
A prominent political strategist and lobbyist, Mac Stipanovich, says Rick Scott should follow the advice of the Romney campaign and that it won’t undermine his own message of being Florida’s best dictator, er, governor.
“This is one of those situations where you could have it both ways and there’s enough truth in it that it would resonate,” Stipanovich said. “It would be better if everybody was singing from the same hymnal.”
Still, Rick Scott's spokesbot, Lane Wright, issued a statement disputing any claim that the Mittsy Team asked that Scott downplay Florida's improved economy, and one of Mittsy's spokesbots, says Mittsy frequently praises governors “for their ability to overcome the job-stifling policies of the Obama administration.”
Oh, Mittsy. Playing it both ways. The economy sucks, blame Obama, the economy is improving but Obama has nothing to do with it.
But it does seem like this story has more than a grain of truth in it, because in Florida, right now, Obama leads Romney, 46% to 42%, a stark contrast from just a month ago when the same poll showed a Romney lead of 47% to 41%.
And who doesn’t think that when Mittsy gets desperate, Mittsy changes his tune, or Mittsy just plain outright lies?

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