Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Virginia Becomes The First State To Eliminate Veteran Homelessness

The GOP loves war, and they just love sending young Americans off to war, but they have no use for them when these soldiers return home, and generally do nothing to help those who have protected us around the world. The Democrats, on the other hand … when Democrats govern real change occurs, and sometimes it’s historic.

The state of Virginia, under Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, is the first state in the country to completely eliminate veteran homelessness. McAuliffe signed onto the White House’s challenge to the states to end veteran homelessness, and then beat the deadline by almost two months.

In fact, not only has Virginia provided housing to over 1,400 homeless veterans, it has also instated a security net which allows those veterans to be rehoused within 90 days should they ever become homeless again.

Another plus: in Virginia, of the 7,600 homeless people, nine-percent were veterans, so the state has also reduced its homeless rate by ten-percent.

And it’s not just Virginia; last year Connecticut became the first state to eliminate chronic veteran homelessness — veterans who have been homeless for more than a year — while across the country individual cities like New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Syracuse, Schenectady, and Las Cruces have stepped up to provide housing for veterans.

Of course, helping veterans out of homelessness is probably one of those “free things” the GOP rails about; one of those “entitlements” that the GOP wants to cut. I mean, clearly we have seen the Republicans do nothing for our veterans once they return home, so the Democrats are taking charge.

It’s clear: the GOP wants to send Americans off the war, and then forget them when they come home, while the Democrats are working to take care of the men and women who have served this country and served it well.

It’s that simple. 


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