Thursday, November 05, 2015

Some Men Are Afraid Of A Little ♥ On

Change is good.

A change in the weather, a change in scenery; a change of underwear. A change in diet, a change of sheets; a change of mood.

Change is good, and we should all be changing or else Effie Melody White has taught us nothing.

But this week Twitter made a change and a lot of people, mostly men, mostly straight men, mostly straight men unsure of their own masculinity, went nuts.

See, back in the old days, roughly ten days ago if you “Liked” someone’s Tweet there was a cute little  symbol you clicked to voice, er, Tweet, your approval. But then Twitter decided that a ♥ better symbolized “Like” than a star and so they changed.

And tiny men with giant egos, and more than a tinge of homophobia, went crazy and refused to put a  on it.

Tweets via Gay Star News


anne marie in philly said...

insecure assholes, every last one of them. probably have tiny dicks also.

the dogs' mother said...

the star, and i expect the heart does also, saved the tweet. it allowed you to
go back and read the tweet, and its link, later. nice for busy people.
of course if i see bob post a link i go right to it. consider yourself hearted, bob.

Brewella Deville said...

"I Ain't Hearting Nothing" by Tommy Allan sounds like a CD you'd find in the remainder bin at Wal-Mart.

Sadie J said...

Tumblr had been hearting things for as long as I've been on it. Never heard one complaint. Geesh.

mistress maddie said...


Michael Dodd said...

Oh, people, get a life. Better yet, get off Twitter and social media and discover what it is like to interact face to face with people.

Dave R said...

The only time I've ever liked Josh Grobin was when he was in that I'm F@#king Ben Afleck song.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with AM on this one; have these people really got nothing better to moan about?

Mark in DE said...

I swear, Americans are getting more STUPID every day!