Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Minute Rant: North Carolina School Suspends All Clubs Because ... LGBT Club

Up in Lake Lure, North Carolina, a group of parents began complaining about a newly formed LGBT Club at Lake Lure Classical Academy, a K-12 public charter school, and, rather than tell the parents that all groups are welcome at the school, the board of directors suspended the activities of every single club on campus.

It all began when visual arts teacher Layne Long allowed a female student to hold the LGBT Club’s meetings in her classroom and gave the student a poster from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network [GLSEN] to display. And that sparked one grandmother to complain that, since the poster went up, she was forced to explain the meaning of “gay” and “lesbian” to her elementary school grandchild.

In her one comment on the issue, School Director Jessica Boland expressed disappointment in the situation and said the community is the main reason for the controversy:
“From the school side, when you are in the school community, the issues aren’t as prevalent as the outside community is making it. I find it disappointing that we have to suspend all clubs.”
But, that’s just what they did because some parents don’t want to have to explain gay or lesbian to their kids, and now all clubs at the school are shut down. In addition, the school, if and when it decides to reopen any or all clubs, must follow a new protocol on posters: all club posters must have a stamp of approval from the school director and can only be placed on designated club bulletin boards on the middle and high school halls.

You know, so as not to alarm the children, or their parents who are so backwoods and red-necked that the mere idea of having to say gay or lesbian in a conversation gets their camouflage panties in a twist.

Punish all the kids because some parents are bigots.

Ain’t’ that America? Or at least North Carolina?


the dogs' mother said...

k-12 and that's your only problem?
i swear a baby was conceived in the locker next
to mine in high school.

anne marie in philly said...

but a jeebus club would be OK with this grandmom, right? people need to siddown and STFU!

Fit Studs said...

Laughed @ the dog's mother's comment. :D

jadedj said...

"gets their camouflage panties in a twist"...Best Blog Post Comment of the Week!

There's no accounting for bad taste and morans (sic)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Yep, suspend all the clubs. And then make it the gay kids' fault that there are no clubs. I love the dogs' mother!