Friday, November 13, 2015

Thousands Leave Mormon Church Over New Anti-Gay Policy

I started off the week with a post about how the Mormon Church had declared that The Gays — well, The Gays in committed relationships anyway — were “apostates,” meaning they have rejected the revelations and ordinances of God and should be renounced by their families.

Ooh, how very Church of Scientology of you, LDS.

However, to be fair, the Mormon Church doesn’t exactly condemn The Gays, it’s just The Gay acts—and I don’t mean The Ellen Show or an Elton concert, but you know, the sex.
Still, if you’re Mormon and you aren’t married, but you’re straight and having babies outside of wedlock, well, welcome aboard; but, if you’re gay, or the child of a gay couple in a legal marriage, well, then, off with your head … so to speak.

That’s the bad news; the good news is that some Mormons, and more than a few I might add, are not having this bigotry and hatred feeling, and are taking action by resigning en masse this weekend in Salt lake City’s Temple Square by dropping their resignation letters at the church office.

So far nearly two thousand people have expressed an interest in joining this fleeing of the Mormon Church, and so, since quitting the church is no easier than quitting Jack Twist — special points if you get that reference — the good people at Patheos have posted a helpful graphic for Mormons choosing to free themselves from the bigotry:

I say good for these people and, while their numbers, in the grand scheme of the church itself — which says it has some 15 million members, most living outside of America — aren’t that large, it does speak volumes about the times changing and people of faith being less inclined to be anti-anything and more accepting and understanding.

A small step, by a couple of thousand people, but it’s a step in the right direction.
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the dogs' mother said...

i must confess i had to google
'quitting Jack Twist' - i hope their
gestures move the church to rethink
their actions.

mistress maddie said...

I say QUICK RUN!!!!!!! I hope most leave.

Sadie J said...

I love the "write the letter" comment about not needing your member number. So, the Mormon Church is a club? Who knew? It's like joining the gym and paying dues, whether you go or not!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Long may anti-bigotry reign

Mitchell is Moving said...

I can't to see this pulled off. Good for them!